‘One Mile Down’ (Audio)


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Judoon with the Doctor and Donna

The second episode of ‘The Tenth Doctor Adventures – Volume 3’ box set, ‘One Mile Down’, is by Jenny T. Colgan. Jenny’s contributed a number of ‘Doctor Who’ stories in the Tenth Doctor era here.

She previously penned the ‘Time Reaver’ for the first Tenth Doctor Adventures box set with Donna. She also wrote the book ‘In The Blood’ and has novelized ‘The Christmas Invasion’ for Target books.

I enjoyed this adventure more than I enjoyed ‘No Place’ before this. This is mainly due to the story being straight-forward and not as confusing as the previous tale was, which I had some trouble with.

This story meanwhile is just as exciting as ‘No Place’, as it features the Tenth Doctor and Donna meeting the Judoon in it. But wait, I hear you ask? Did Donna meet the Judoon in ‘The Stolen Earth’?

Yes she did, but that doesn’t mean it was the first encounter. In fact, if you watched that episode closely, she didn’t question about the Judoon to the Doctor. So she must’ve met the Judoon before.

I was actually considering writing a ‘Doctor Who’ story where the Tenth Doctor and Donna meet Judoon. I wasn’t able to at the time, but I’m glad this is the official one where Donna meets Judoon.

Anyway in the story, the Doctor and Donna visit the beautiful underwater city of Vallarasee in the 51st century. Long ago, you could only visit the city by wearing helmets if you did not breathe water.

That’s changed somehow by the time the Doctor and Donna visit Vallarasee. It’s the fish people who wear helmets and people can have a breathable atmosphere inside a dome. The Doctor is troubled.

This shouldn’t be right when he and Donna visit the underwater city. They visit to have their holiday but discover some leaks in some of the pipe-work and very soon the city’s about to become flooded.

David Tennant excels as the Doctor in these audio adventures as he’s naturally slipped back into the role without any problem. I liked the layers of humour and anger he delivered to the character here.

When David’s Doctor learns what’s happened with a certain trust working with the Vallarassens or ‘Fins’ as humans call them, he’s not at all happy. Hearing David’s Doctor’s anger was very tantalising.

Catherine Tate equally excels as Donna in the Big Finish audios. Donna clearly wants to enjoy herself when visiting Vallarasee and gets annoyed when the Doctor seems to be ruining things on a holiday.

I liked it when Donna gets concerned for people like Patricia, Thispus and yes even Garth when the city’s about to be flooded. Donna is pretty resourceful when it comes to getting everybody out alive.

Nicholas Briggs returns to voice the Judoon, who sound funny as ever and are just as thick as ever. I wonder what the psychology of the Judoon is especially when they speak in such a blunt manner. 😀

There’s an interesting Judoon character in the form of Clo, voiced by Nick Briggs of course. Clo’s an inexperienced Judoon officer with a higher pitched voice and he could be very helpful to the Doctor.

Rakie Ayola (who was in ‘Midnight’ apparently) guest stars as Andrea, a woman representing some national trust in the story. She’s concerned with money and doesn’t want engineers to solve problems.

There’s Eleanor Crooks as Patricia Derbyshire; Christopher Naylor as Pickus and Robert Whitelock as Garth and Thispus. I do like the costume designs made by June Hudson on some of these characters.

I liked ‘One Mile Down’ when I heard it. It has a straight-forward plot and features a gripping, action-packed climax that was pretty intense to hear. The Doctor and Donna also excel with the Judoon too.

At the end of Disc 2 of ‘The Tenth Doctor Adventures – Volume 3’, there’s a track of incidental music from ‘One Mile Down’ to enjoy!

‘One Mile Down’ rating – 8/10

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2 thoughts on “‘One Mile Down’ (Audio)

  1. Timelord 007

    This is like one of those Irwin Allen disaster movies,of the 70’s mixed with sci-fi with added Judoon, i enjoyed this one very much, the pacings fast & the drama tense & suspenseful.

    Spot on summary Tim excellent review buddy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      Hi Simon.

      I’m not sure I’ve seen an Irwin Allen disaster movie before. But I’ll take your word for it as this audio adventure did have a disaster movie feel to it which was exciting. And hearing the Judoon with David Tennant’s Doctor and Catherine Tate’s Donna was extra exciting too!

      Very pleased you enjoyed my review on this story, Simon. Glad you enjoyed the episode too.

      Tim. 🙂



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