‘Rewriting History’ (SS)


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Karadax and the Karadax with the Tenth Doctor and Martha

The first story of the ‘Part 2 – Time’ section of ‘The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who’ is ‘Rewriting History’ by James Swallow. This story features the Tenth Doctor and Martha. James Swallow has written a number of audio adventures including ‘Shockwave’ from the ‘Destiny of the Doctor’ series.

I enjoyed this little tale. In the caves of Karadax, the Tenth Doctor entrusts Martha to look after a box containing a sock as he goes off to fight a Karadax octopus droid. As Martha waits, she’s met by an older version of herself who claims to come from the future. She has come to take Martha away.

The older Martha tells the young Martha that bad things will happen to her and her family if she continues to travel with the Doctor. The old Martha makes the mistake of calling her sister Tish ‘Letita’. The young Martha soon discovers that the old Martha is not real and is an android duplicate.

This story seems to take place early on in Martha’s travels with the Doctor. I like how Martha encounters an android version of herself that came from the Museum of the Doctor. The android can alter its appearance from being old to young Martha as well as don many outfits Martha wore.

It turns out the Karadax tried to remove Martha from history in order to stop the Doctor defeating them in the future. The Karadax are like shark people. Are they related to the Selachians? Young Martha is saved by android Martha before the Doctor returns, being unaware of what just occurred.

‘Rewriting History’ is accompanied by the chapter called ‘The Laws of Time’.

‘Rewriting History’ rating – 8/10

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