‘The Doctor’s Daughter’ (TV)



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The Doctor Meets His Daughter

Following on from ‘The Poison Sky’, the Doctor, Donna and Martha find themselves on the planet Messaline in the far future. War rages between the humans and the fish-like species called the Hath.

The Doctor gets a tissue-sample taken from him when he’s forced to put his hand in a progenation machine and it processes him. This is a process that genetically creates the birth of a female soldier.

This new female soldier happens to be… the Doctor’s daughter. The Doctor’s daughter happens to be Georgia Moffett as Jenny. Georgia also happens to be the daughter of Fifth Doctor: Peter Davison.

I must admit I was rather disappointed with the story’s outcome by Stephen Greenhorn. I thought we would get to meet the Doctor’s actual daughter who’d luckily managed to escape the Time War.

This could have been the mother of the Doctor’s granddaughter, Susan. Instead we get a genetically modified being created from the tissue sample of the Doctor’s. It technically makes her his daughter.

I couldn’t help but feel rather cheated with this approach in a ‘Doctor Who’ story. I’m sure many ‘Doctor Who’ fans felt the same as me at the time, as the story’s title is rather deceptive because of that.

But Georgia Moffett is brilliant in this and seems lovely to watch. I was very pleased with the casting choice they made in actually casting a family member of one of the previous Doctors – Peter Davison.

David Tennant soon began dating Georgia Moffett after this episode. It led to them eventually getting married in real-life, something I found so amazing and unusual reading in the newspaper. 😀

The story between the Doctor and his new daughter is touching and moving. Although the Doctor’s resistant to the idea of Jenny being his daughter, he gradually grows to accept her despite her flaws.

Donna is especially good in persuading the Doctor to accept Jenny as his daughter. She also gets to learn more about the Doctor, since he was a father before and he’s reluctant to start a family again.

I liked Martha’s journey in this episode when she’s separated from the Doctor and Donna and she gets to meet the Hath. She shares a special friendship with one Hath who helps her find her friends.

The episode’s ending was heart-breaking to watch when Jenny gets shot by Nigel Terry as General Cobb. Jenny stands in front of the Doctor and is shot in the chest, when General Cobb’s opened fire.

It was very moving when the Doctor has his final moments with Jenny before she dies. I found it tense when the Doctor seemed to shot General Cobb with a gun before telling him he ‘never would’.

That passionate speech the Doctor gives to the humans and the Hath was so gripping. Eventually, the Doctor leaves Jenny for a burial by the humans on Messaline before he takes Martha back home.

I like it when the Doctor and Martha say their goodbyes to each other before he can continue having adventures with Donna in the TARDIS. Somehow though, I did not think this was the last of Martha.

However, Jenny manages to survive after the terraforming process of Messaline affects her and she’s brought back to life with the regenerative energy. She soon gets away into a rocket/spaceship.

Jenny has adventures on her own, ‘saving planets; fighting monsters and doing an awful lot of running’. It begs to wonder what’s happened to Jenny. Are there any Big Finish audios with Jenny? 😀

The DVD special features on this episode are as follows. On Disc 3 of ‘The Complete Series 4’, there’s a commentary with Catherine Tate, Georgia Moffett and music orchestrator Ben Foster. There are also deleted scenes for ‘The Doctor’s Daughter’.

On Disc 6, there’s the ‘Doctor Who Confidential’ episode ‘Sins of the Father’.

‘The Doctor’s Daughter’ rating – 7/10

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