‘The End of Time’ (DSL) (Book)


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At the Space Brain with the Krashoks, the Eternity Crystal, the Tenth Doctor and Gisella

Here we are at the end of ‘The Darksmith Legacy’ book series! 🙂

It’s time for the final book in ‘The Darksmith Legacy’ series called ‘The End of Time’ by Justin Richards. Ironic that the final book should be called ‘The End of Time’ considering the last David Tennant TV story of ‘Doctor Who’ happens to also be ‘The End of Time’. It must be a coincidence! 😀

I’ve greatly enjoyed ‘The Darksmith Legacy’ series overall. It’s had its ups and down, but it’s been more ups than downs. The stories are easy reads and it must be entertaining for kids getting into reading these books at the time they were released in 2009 for the Tenth Doctor’s final year on TV. 🙂

I wondered how the book series would end. How would the Doctor and Gisella would defeat the evil Krashoks and destroy the Eternity Crystal forever. There was only one way to find out of course. It took me a while to get around to reading this series, but I’m happy I’ve been able to for Easter 2021!

In the last instalment of ‘The Darksmith Legacy’ series, the Krashoks head off into space where Gisella and the Eternity Crystal are on board their ship. The Doctor pursues them and they end up at the Space Brain. This happens to be a school for very intelligent children recruited for brain powers!

Very soon, the Doctor and Gisella reunite with each other and get help from the kids and the teachers at the Space Brain in order to defeat the Krashoks. Will the Doctor be able to sort out the Krashoks and persuade their leader Commander Grelt in stopping his plans with the Eternity Device?

The Space Brain which happens to be a school was very intriguing to read in the tale. I did wonder if it was the kind of school that Zoe would come from. I don’t think the Space Brain comes from the 21st century of Earth’s time and it’s not clearly indicated what time period our main heroes are in. 😐

The story is divided into 10 chapters, as per usual with these ‘Darksmith Legacy’ books. There are also TARDIS dank bank pages featuring extra information including on the Space Brain itself and the Krashoks. Interestingly, the Krashoks data bank page is at the end of the book following their defeat.

There are also three activity pages where the reader gets the chance to think like the Doctor or Gisella in the story. For a change, they actually give the answers to these activities which involve some maps. There isn’t a preview for the next story however since ‘The End of Time’ is the last story.

I like how the Doctor and Gisella interact with each other in this adventure. They start off coping alone and without each other whilst the Doctor’s trying to find her and Gisella is trapped aboard the Krashok ship. Once they meet up, they compliment and bounce off each other pretty well in the tale.

Just to say, although I’m sure you know it, this happens to be Gisella’s last story in ‘Doctor Who’. I don’t think Gisella has come back into the series recently. I wonder what happened to her since she decided to stay behind on the Space Brain. I hope it’s not the last of her and she’ll come back soon. 🙂

It’s fascinating how the Tenth Doctor and Gisella strike a pretty good bond in a short amount of time for certain stories of ‘The Darksmith Legacy’ series. I hope Big Finish might consider adapting ‘The Darksmith Legacy’ series into audios one day. I’d like to hear that relationship played out on audio. 🙂

This story also seems to feature the last of the Krashoks. I suppose both Gisella and the Krashoks were only meant to exist for ‘The Darksmith Legacy’ series, but they could’ve had a longer existence outside the book series if Justin Richards wanted to come back to them. Could the Krashoks return?!

Other characters featured in this story include two children who help the Doctor and Gisella. They are Caffey, a girl and Kleb, a boy. Both seem enthusiastic and very intelligent when helping the Doctor and Gisella around. They even give the Doctor a tour aboard the Space Brain once he arrived.

It did get tense when the Doctor, Caffey and Kleb visited the school principal’s office aboard the Space Brain and it happened to be Commander Krelt of the Krashoks. Thankfully, Caffey and Kleb cope well when the alien Krashoks come to visit them as they don’t run away in fear as you’d expect.

There are also teachers like Professor Apricott and Mr. Gershwinn. I don’t think Professor Apricott appeared much in the story as she became annoyed by the Doctor’s arrival via TARDIS in her classroom. Mr. Gershwinn seemed to be the more helpful one when our heroes were fighting Krashoks.

The Krashoks include Commander Grelt and Sergeant Jorak who previously appeared in ‘The Art of War’. Grelt is arrogant and distrustful of the Doctor, not believing his words when claims are made about the Eternity Crystal being dangerous. Grelt goes ahead with his plans with the Eternity Device.

There’s also a service robot that Gisella confronts when trapped aboard the Krashoks’ ship. It does get tense when Gisella is hiding and on the run from the Krashoks aboard their ship. It gets tense when the Doctor tries to save Gisella as she’s attached to a machine and is about to her mind wiped.

At the end of the book, there’s an advert to collect the other stories in ‘The Darksmith Legacy’ book series. Please bear in mind, the ‘Collected’ Party at the end of the book is out of date since October 2009 is over. It’s a shame. I would’ve liked to have joined in! 😀 There’s also an advert for four exciting original Tenth Doctor stories from BBC audiobooks including ‘Pest Control’, ‘The Forever Trap’, ‘The Nemonite Invasion’ and ‘The Rising Night’.

‘The End of Time’ has been a fitting conclusion to ‘The Darksmith Legacy’ book series overall. I’m glad I’ve been able to enjoy reading these books at last since the day I purchased them in July 2012. ‘The Darksmith Legacy’ is a good set of books featuring the Tenth Doctor and are so easy for kids to read.

‘The End of Time’ (DSL) rating – 8/10

‘The Darksmith Legacy’ book series – 8/10

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