‘The Impossible Planet’/’The Satan Pit’ (TV)

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“Don’t Turn Around!” – The Ood and the Beast

This story stars David Tennant as the Doctor and Billie Piper as Rose!

It is a two-part grimy space adventure story featuring the Ood and the Devil in it! ‘The Impossible Planet’/’The Satan Pit’ is a grim dark scary tale with meaningful themes running throughout. It’s about the Doctor and Rose facing the Devil as their beliefs gets challenged when they face great evil.


This two-part story is by Matt Jones. This story is notable for featuring the first appearance of the Ood, slaves to the human race. It also features the Beast, who can be interpreted as the Devil for us.

The Doctor and Rose visit a sanctuary base on a planet in geo-stationary orbit around a black hole. The Doctor and Rose meet the base crew and lose the TARDIS, before a dark and evil force awakens!

This story isn’t one of my favourites, but it is very thought-provoking. The devil monster represents our darkest fears and certainly from a Christian point-of-view, it’s a deep matter of faith and religion.

David Tennant’s Doctor is brilliant in this. I liked how the Doctor reacts when he and Rose are in the sanctuary base. The Doctor is shocked when he loses the TARDIS and has a close connection to Rose.

Billie Piper is very good and lovely as Rose. I enjoy Rose’s relationship with the Doctor, as she shares his excitement for adventure. I did like that scene when they contemplate spending a life together.

The sanctuary base crew are as follows. There’s Shaun Parkes as Zach; Claire Rushbrook as Ida; Danny Webb as Jefferson; Ronny Jhutti as Danny; MyAnna Buring as Scooti and Will Thorp as Toby.

Zach is a reluctant leader who takes command following the death of their former captain. He allows the Doctor to go with Ida to the bottom of the drilling shaft, even though he doesn’t know him well.

Ida is a keen scientist who explains to the Doctor and Rose what their mission is and what’s happens with the black hole. She goes off on the mission to the bottom of the drilling shaft with the Doctor.

Mr. Jefferson is in charge of security. Jefferson seems like a straight-forward nonsense man who’s good at his job. He does have a compassionate side, since he quotes a poem during Scootie’s death.

Danny is a cocky guy who makes the amusing quip and joke here. He has a responsibility in taking charge of the Ood. There’s a shock when the Ood start going out of control and he can’t fathom why.

Lovely Scooti is a 20-year old member of the sanctuary base. Sadly Scooti gets a tragic end as she’s the first person to get killed off. She gets sucked out into space, which is a very chilling horror scene.

Toby is the archaeological expert. He’s an easily scared person who the Beast easily latches onto and uses him as his host with red eyes and strange writing on his skin. When Toby is evil, he really is evil!

The Ood are very ‘ood’ to watch. They are servants for humans in the future. The Ood look weird as they have spaghetti-like tentacles in their mouths and they can only speak via their globe translators.

The voice of the Beast is by Gabriel Woolf. The Beast is a sinister villainous being that is frightening when Toby gets possessed. The Beast manages to get into the computers as they say “He’s awake!”

The first episode ends with Toby revealing himself as the Beast and possessing the Ood as they advance on Rose; Jefferson and the others. Zach is stuck inside the main ops room, whilst the Doctor and Ida see the pit opening. As the pit opens, the Beast declares, “The pit is open! And I am free!”

The DVD special features on this episode on ‘The Complete Series 2’ DVD are as follows. On Disc 4, there’s an in-vision commentary with David Tennant; Shaun Parkes and VFX producer Will Cohen. On Disc 6, there’s the ‘Doctor Who Confidential’ episode ‘You’ve Got The Look’.

‘THE SATAN PIT’ (Part 2)

The second episode resolves the first episode with Jefferson firing on the advancing Ood. Zach locks himself in the ops room, whilst the Doctor and Ida are still okay below after just seeing the pit open.

There’s a chilling scene where the Beast talks to the Doctor, Rose and crew of the sanctuary base through the Ood. The Beast attempts to play on their basic fears in order to make them vulnerable.

Everybody is afraid by what the Beast says, but the Doctor gets through to them on the intercom to snap out of it. The Beast cuts the Doctor off as the cable snaps to the capsule that he and Ida are in.

This episode has the feel of a ‘base under siege’ plot as Rose, Danny, Toby and Jefferson escape the Ood through the ventilation shaft to reach Ood Habitation and shut them down, which was intense.

Meanwhile, the Doctor decides to go down into the pit whilst Ida provides the cable for him. I liked it when the Doctor claims that he keeps travelling in order to be proven wrong about his own beliefs.

During the tow down, the cable runs out. The Doctor decides to go further in the pit by releasing himself from the cable. The Doctor reassures Ida and he asks to mention him to Rose before he goes.

Hearing the news from Ida about the Doctor, Zach; Danny and Toby make ready to go into the rocket to leave the planet. Rose is determined to stay, but Zach will not have it as they take her with them.

Meanwhile with the Doctor, he’s managed to survive and comes face-to-face with the Beast, which is a gigantic CGI version of what the devil could be. I was terrified by seeing this horned beast in this.

The Doctor tries to talk to the Beast and discovers the voice is inside Toby’s body and is on the way back to Earth. The Doctor knows what the consequences will be if the Beast gets unleashed on Earth.

The Doctor is determined to stop the Devil, but it will mean sacrificing Rose as well. But the Doctor believes in Rose and he immediately smashes the jars keeping the Beast prisoner so that he can die.

On the rocket, Rose realises it has been all too easy for them to escape. She wonders why the Beast didn’t stop them. Once the Doctor’s smashed the jars, Toby reveals himself again as the Beast again.

It was so terrifying to see Toby with red eyes and writing on his face, being so evil and letting out his rage like fire. Thankfully Rose uses Zach’s bolt gun and sends Toby out into space into the black hole.

Despite defeating the Beast, the rocket is being pulled into the black hole. But they are saved as the Doctor finds his TARDIS and tows the rocket home. Rose is so thrilled and pleased the Doctor’s alive.

The Doctor reunites with Rose. He manages to save Ida, but couldn’t save the Ood sadly. The TARDIS goes on its way as the rocket containing the remaining sanctuary base crew head back off to Earth.

‘The Impossible Planet’/’The Satan Pit’ is definitely one scary and chilling story. It isn’t a favourite of mine, but there are moments that I liked with the Doctor and Rose. It raises some thought-provoking questions about faith and science, and this is one of the most intriguing stories from the new series.

The DVD special features on this episode on ‘The Complete Series 2’ DVD are as follows. On Disc 4, there’s a commentary with Ronny Jhutti; director James Strong and editor Mike Jones. On Disc 6, there’s the ‘Doctor Who Confidential’ episode ‘Myths and Legends’.

‘The Impossible Planet’/’The Satan Pit’ rating – 7/10

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2 thoughts on “‘The Impossible Planet’/’The Satan Pit’ (TV)

  1. Timelord 007

    My favourite story of season 2, i like the creepy tone of this one & David Tennants just phenomenal in this as he confronts satan, Gabriel Woolfs voice still sends shivers down my spine & Ood make for a great original addition to the series.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tim Bradley Post author

    Hi Simon.

    Glad you enjoyed my review on this two-parter from Series 2 of ‘Doctor Who’.

    It is very creepy as a ‘Doctor Who’ story and I enjoyed David Tennant and Billie Piper in it. And of course the Ood are great ‘Doctor Who’ monsters/aliens and I’ve enjoyed them more these days.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this story, Simon. I know I said this isn’t one of my favourite stories, but it has grown on me and I’ve come to appreciate what it tries to do in telling a story about the Doctor meeting the devil and raising thought-provoking questions.

    Tim. 🙂



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