‘The Secret of Novice Hame’ (Webcast/AIL)


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Novice Hame’s Death and the Tenth Doctor

The final story in the ‘Adventures in Lockdown’ anthology is ‘The Secret of Novice Hame’. This was originally released as a webcast in May 2020 for the ‘Doctor Who: Lockdown!’ season. It features Anna Hope as Novice Hame, who reads the story from her perspective as she’s on her way to her death.

Novice Hame appeared in the TV stories ‘New Earth’ and ‘Gridlock’. It was intriguing, saddening and touching to hear this story of Hame recounting her last days when on her death bed on New Earth. As Hame prepares to die and recalls her life, she receives many visitors as they pay tributes to her. 🙂

It was amazing to discover that Hame had lived a long life and has had many roles in New New York, including a Senator, a Vice President and a Feline Imperator of the New Earth Order. This story is by Russell T. Davies incidentally. 😀 It also features David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor which is brilliant!

I enjoyed watching the webcast and hearing David Tennant’s Doctor interacting with Anna Hope’s Hame. This story has the Tenth Doctor on a farewell tour during the events of ‘The End of Time’. Hame is almost about to share a secret to the Doctor, similar to one the Face of Boe revealed to him.

The secret isn’t revealed properly in the story, but it does imply something about the human race and New Earth which I think must be connected to Ravalox in ‘The Trial of a Time Lord’. 😀 The story ends with Hame leaving her body and heading for where she hopes will be the Great Cat Kingdom. 🙂

I greatly enjoyed the ‘Adventures in Lockdown’ anthology. It was nice to check out these stories in prose form as well as some of them that were originally released as webcasts on YouTube. They’ve all been unique and I’m sure they entertained a lot of people during the turbulent periods of 2020. 🙂

‘Adventures in Lockdown’ does open new and intriguing avenues for ‘Doctor Who’ and it’s nice that the writers of the TV series such as Russell T. Davies, Steven Moffat and Chris Chibnall rallied round in order to ease the anxieties of those who had to cope with new changes to life during a pandemic.

‘The Secret of Novice Hame’ rating – 8/10

‘Adventures in Lockdown’ rating – 8/10

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