‘The Taste of Death’ (Audio)


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Slitheen on MXQ1 with the Tenth Doctor and Rose

Who is Jacob Dudman?

In 2017, I took a look at ‘The Ninth Doctor Chronicles’ CD box set by Big Finish and reviewed it for my ‘Bradley’s Basement’ blog. I was going to stop from there. That is until I had a crisis with one of my debit cards. I purchased ‘The Tenth Doctor Chronicles’ from Big Finish as a payment experiment.

I purchased the box set in July 2018 and eventually listened to the stories in August that year. ‘The Tenth Doctor Chronicles’ is a collection of four audio stories by Big Finish in the style of ‘The Companion Chronicles’. I must admit I was a bit puzzled by the choice of a narrator for these audios.

When Big Finish did ‘The Ninth Doctor Chronicles’ and Nicholas Briggs narrated them, it was because Christopher Eccleston wasn’t able to reprise his role of the Ninth Doctor on audio. Here for ‘The Tenth Doctor Chronicles’, I wondered why David Tennant didn’t reprise his role as the Tenth Doctor.

But then it occurred to me that David Tennant is a very busy actor these days, working on films and TV shows in the USA as well as in the UK. By having a narrator to perform ‘The Tenth Doctor Chronicles’, it makes up for David Tennant’s absence until he’s able to return to star in more audios.

Jacob Dudman in ‘The Tenth Doctor Chronicles’.

It’s good then we have someone who can impersonate David Tennant’s voice. Jacob Dudman is an actor and voice impressionist who has voiced several characters in the Big Finish audios. He can do very good voices for the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors, which he currently provides for Big Finish itself.

Before listening to these audios in ‘The Tenth Doctor Chronicles’, I checked out a YouTube video Jacob Dudman did with Jon Culshaw which is a scene from ‘The Day of the Doctor’ called ‘The Great Curator’. Jacob played the Eleventh and Tenth Doctors and Jon played the Curator and the Third Doctor.

For your enjoyment, check out this YouTube video to see Jacob Dudman and Jon Culshaw in action as the Doctors from ‘The Day of the Doctor’ scene. I was impressed and amused with seeing Jacob and Jon.

The four stories in ‘The Tenth Doctor Chronicles’ CD collection are as follows. ‘The Taste of Death’ by Helen Goldwyn, ‘Backtrack’ by Matthew J Elliot, ‘Wild Pastures’ by James Goss and ‘Last Chance’ by Guy Adams. All the four tales in this CD collection are directed by Big Finish actress, Helen Goldwyn.

The Tenth Doctor era is one of my favourite eras of ‘Doctor Who’. Despite David Tennant not playing the Tenth Doctor in these audios and Jacob Dudman being the narrator and performer throughout all four stories, I was looking forward to hearing the stories and find out how they represent the era.

The first story, ‘The Taste of Death’, is by director Helen Goldwyn herself. Wow! Helen Goldwyn is an actress, director and writer in Big Finish now. I believe this is the first ‘Doctor Who’ story she wrote.

The story itself takes place during Series 2 of the new series where the Tenth Doctor travelled with Rose Tyler. I have fond memories of that season, especially as I was getting into ‘Doctor Who’ then.

I’m really pleased with this story by Helen Goldwyn. It feels like it came from the Tenth Doctor era and Helen’s certainly managed to keep the pace and build-up of tension reasonably well in the story.

Speaking of which, I’m very impressed with Jacob Dudman’s performance in ‘The Tenth Doctor Chronicles’ so far as well as in this story. Of course, Jacob is the narrator for all four stories in the set.

But he also gets to play the Tenth Doctor, Rose and other characters for this story especially. Sometimes I felt David Tennant was in the room as I did forget it was Jacob Dudman performing him.

Jacob sounds authentic as the Tenth Doctor, managing to get the pronunciations and David Tennant’s “Well!” spot on. The inflections and tones of the Tenth Doctor’s voice is very spot on here.

I don’t think Jacob provides an authentic voice for Rose Tyler in this story, but he does manage to get the tone of Rose exactly right. There are times when I imagined Billie Piper saying those lovely lines.

Anyway, in the story, the Tenth Doctor takes Rose to visit the planet MXQ1. It’s a resort planet where people go to enjoy exotic beaches, luxury accommodation and extravagant dining all around.

It’s also a place where people – humanoid and alien beings alike – are addicted to eating lots of nourishing food. Soon the holiday the Doctor and Rose hoped for does not turn out as they planned.

During the story, the Doctor and Rose get to meet Arinzé Kene as Orentino, a chef working on the resort planet MXQ1. Orentino’s lost his brother and knows something is wrong with the overeating.

Very soon, Orentino helps the Doctor and Rose out as they investigate what’s going on the planet. I did enjoy how the Doctor and Rose get to go undercover and they have a reversal of roles this time.

Rose, instead of being a serving girl, gets to be an aristocratic holidaymaker for a chance. The Doctor, instead of being an aristocrat or teacher at a school, gets to be a chef rather than the waiter.

It soon transpires MXQ1 is run by the famous Bluestone brothers. The Bluestone brothers happen to overly large people giving off this particularly awful odour. Rose notices this as she encounters them.

I like how the story builds up to reveal the Bluestone brothers as…Slitheen! No matter what people say, I was thrilled the Slitheen were back! They did scare me as monsters when I first watched them.

Surprisingly, the Slitheen don’t fart as you would expect them to. I was expecting them to be farting a lot, but that didn’t happen. It was very thrilling when the Bluestone brothers unzipped themselves.

As I listened to this story, I felt I wanted to write a six-part adventure with the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa and Billy meeting the Tenth Doctor and Rose and they face Slitheen. It’s something I’ve got to do. 😀

The story also introduces the Hazarateen, who happen to be cousins of the Slitheen, just like the Blathereen in previous ‘Doctor Who’ tales in books. I wish there was time to learn more about them.

Jacob Dudman and Arinzé Kene in ‘The Taste of Death’.

‘The Taste of Death’ is a good story to begin ‘The Tenth Doctor Chronicles’ of ‘Doctor Who’. I liked the writing by director Helen Goldwyn and I am impressed with Jacob Dudman’s performance so far.

The CD extras are as follows. There are behind-the-scenes interviews with Jacob Dudman and Arinzé Kene, conducted by director Helen Goldwyn on ‘The Taste of Death’ which I enjoyed hearing.

‘The Taste of Death’ rating – 8/10

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2 thoughts on “‘The Taste of Death’ (Audio)

  1. Timelord007

    You know my thoughts on the Slitheen Tim so I was cringing upon hearing this one & then oh this ain’t half bad, oh this is really good, WOW EXCELLENT Chronicle adventure lol, I was shocked at how much I enjoyed this, this is how the Slitheen should been on Tv less comical & bit more threatening.

    Great review Tim, I recently listened to the Eleventh Doctor Chronicles & again 4 excellent enjoyable stories I’d rate 8/10 overall,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      Hi Simon.

      Glad you enjoyed this chronicle adventure with the Tenth Doctor and Rose and that the Slitheen impressed you. I hope Big Finish can make more Slitheen stories like this one. I must write my own Slitheen story with the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa and Billy someday.

      Thanks for your comments, Simon. Glad you enjoyed my review. I’m pleased you enjoyed ‘The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles’ recently. I hope I’ll get onto listening to those sometime soon.

      Tim. 🙂



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