‘Pop-Up’ (ST/Audio)


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Epsilon Gamma Robot with the Third Doctor and Jo

This story is by Dave Curran. It features the Third Doctor and Jo and is read by Katy Manning. I found myself laughing with Katy’s wonderful narration and her performance of Jon Pertwee’s Doctor; Jo and a tiny robot. She’s clearly into her era of ‘Doctor Who’ as she makes it really authentic on audio.

In the story, the Doctor and Jo try to leave a peace conference on Epsilon Gamma, a planet devoted to advertising. But when they get back to the TARDIS, they find it covered with adverts put there by these tiny service robots. Jo takes pity on one of the robots, since she finds it rather cute-looking. 😀

She takes it inside the TARDIS. It’s a big mistake as the tiny robot messes up the TARDIS computer systems by putting adverts into them. The Doctor realises what’s happening and he and Jo try to stop it happening. They soon switch everything off in the TARDIS before finding a way to resolve this.

I enjoyed the relationship between the Doctor and Jo in this adventure, especially as the Doctor’s patient with Jo’s bumbling in this matter. I liked it when the food machine from the early days of ‘Doctor Who’ with William Hartnell was included in the story. The food machine makes lots of toast.

Apparently one of the adverts put into the TARDIS by the tiny robot is for a trip to Florana. Maybe this is what inspired the Doctor to go to Florana in ‘Invasion of the Dinosaurs’, ‘Planet of the Daleks’ and ‘The Elite’. I like how things get resolved with the Doctor and Jo using various technology in this.

‘Pop-Up’ rating – 8/10

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