‘Still Lives’ (ST)


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Helen Martin and Mark with the Third Doctor, Liz and the Brigadier

This story is by Ian Potter and it features the Third Doctor, Liz and the Brigadier. I’ve come across Ian Potter before as he’s written a number of ‘Doctor Who’ stories for Big Finish, including Short Trips (both prose and some made for audio) and he’s penned episodes for the ‘Counter-Measures’ series.

He’s also written an audio episode of ‘Star Cops’. ‘Still Lives’ is a follow-up to the events of ‘Inferno’. Apparently there was a U.N.I.T. corporal called Helen Martin who fell into a parallel universe whilst the Doctor went off missing and had his adventure in the parallel universe where the Earth blew up.

There’s also an RSF soldier called Mark who ended up falling from his universe into our own. There are echoes of the ‘Star Trek: TNG’ episode ‘The Next Phase’ where Helen tries to get the attention of Liz, the Third Doctor and the Brigadier who can’t see her when she’s fading into another universe. 😐

I must admit, I struggled when reading this story. It’s probably down to the fact that there’s less character involvement on Liz, the Doctor and the Brigadier’s parts. The Doctor also doesn’t seem to be that concerned when Liz raises the issue of Helen having gone missing. I feel this is disappointing.

Helen and Mark do spot each other when they’re crossing into each other’s universes. I don’t think Helen will survive in Mark’s universe if the Earth was being roasted, unless of course it’s another parallel universe with the RSF. Liz also writes entries in a journal during the course of this short story.

‘Still Lives’ rating – 4/10

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