‘The Clean Air Act’ (TS)


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Alien Plant Parasite with the Third Doctor, Jo and U.N.I.T.

Okay, let’s get something clear here. I appreciate there are people who read this story that absolutely loved it. I get some people are behind this story due to the socio-political atmosphere of 1970s Britain, which is fitting for this Third Doctor tale. But, I’m afraid I found this tale quite average.

Maybe it’s the way Matthew Sweet writes his stories and I prefer him more as an interviewer on the Blu-ray extras of ‘Doctor Who’, but I didn’t feel there was enough action adventure in this story, which was prevalent in Jon Pertwee’s era. I also didn’t feel there was enough character drama here.

The story by Matthew Sweet features the Third Doctor, Jo, the Brigadier, Mike Yates and Benton. They investigate the mystery of a housing estate called Oak Green where people seem to be killed off by some plant-like alien. This seems to be connected to the Heskith family who live in Oak Green.

What’s intriguing is that this story features some extracts from the book ‘Last Chance for Man’ by Sir Charles Grover who later appeared in ‘Invasion of the Dinosaurs’. There’s foreshadowing for Jo when she’s becoming environmentally aware and she’s wishing to go to a demonstration at Stonehenge. 🙂

I feel like this story should’ve been more suited for a longer four-episode format rather than a short story format. It wasn’t as engaging as I hoped it would be especially with the socio-political elements echoed from the time. I appreciate the message it’s trying to get across, but this story wasn’t for me.

‘The Clean Air Act’ rating – 5/10

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