‘The Mists of Time’ (Audio)


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Ghosts with Jo and the Third Doctor

This is a wonderful ‘Doctor Who’ audio adventure featuring Katy Manning as Jo Grant. I enjoyed listening to this audio, especially since this helped me to write Jo in one of my ‘Doctor Who’ stories!

‘The Mists of Time’ was originally released as a freebie to Issue 441 of ‘Doctor Who Magazine’. It was later released in ‘The Companion Chronicles Specials’ CD box set and I’m so pleased to have heard it.

This is an 80-minute episode by Jonathan Morris, who is my opinion is one of the best ‘Doctor Who’ writers for Big Finish. Jonny Morris writes so well for Jo as well as for the other characters in the tale.

Katy Manning is also very lovely as Jo Grant. I enjoyed listening to this audio story when Jo narrated it. It was also a joy hearing Katy play Jo with her young voice as well as playing Jon Pertwee’s Doctor.

This wasn’t the first time I heard Katy as Jo in a ‘Doctor Who’ Companion Chronicle. The first time was in ‘The Doll of Death’ and that was very good. This story takes some time after that specific tale.

The story begins with an archaeologist named Calder, who has been stranded on the planet Zayin Eight for three months. He’s soon visited by Jo, who can’t seem to remember how she had come here.

Very soon, Jo tells the story to Calder about how she and the Doctor first visited the planet Zayin Eight long ago. It was lovely to hear Jo relate the story in ‘The Mists of Time’ as Calder was listening.

What I like about this story is being engaged with the characters. The story is pretty complex, but Jonny Morris compensates for this in allowing us to feel emotion and empathise with the characters.

There are some intriguing concepts going on in this story with Zayin Eight, especially with how the ghosts appear to the Doctor and Jo on the planet. But it gets developed and unravelled in the story.

Apparently the planet happens to have this machine that projects the images of loved ones long dead from those already on the planet. A certain conflict involving the Time Lords is all a part of this.

I enjoyed Jo’s development as a character and how she interacted with the Doctor. It was lovely to hear mention her grandfather and see his ghost in the tale, as well as be fiercely loyal to the Doctor.

Katy Manning’s impersonation of Jon Pertwee’s Doctor is spot-on for me. I do feel like Jon Pertwee’s presence is felt throughout in this story and that’s good since Katy Manning was closest to the actor.

Andrew Whipp guest stars as Calder in the story. I like how Calder interacts with Jo when she first appears to him and when he interrupts her in her story. He’s a pretty likeable character in this story.

For most of the story, Katy Manning as Jo narrates the story and even does Calder’s voice. This means that Andrew Whipp doesn’t voice Calder in Jo’s narration, which is surprising and so unusual.

But there is a point when Calder gets to narrate his side of the story to Jo in scenes where she isn’t about and asleep. I liked Calder’s segment, especially when he too gets to play Jon Pertwee’s Doctor.

Other characters featured in Calder’s expedition – called the SAG (Space Archaeology Group) – are as follows. There is Anyetta, Calder’s fiancée; Alein, the group’s leader and the young, brash Tomis.

As the story progress, it transpires that one of the SAG members is already dead and a ghost. It also transpires that one of the members is a saboteur and preventing the group’s distress call to be sent.

I do like how the story ends with the revelation of how Jo came to appear to Calder at the beginning of the story. It was cleverly done and it made feel so moved, as Calder said goodbye to Jo at the end.

There are no CD extras at the end of ‘The Mists of Time’. This disappointed me, as I would love to have heard a behind-the-scenes interview with Katy Manning on what she made of this audio story.

Andrew Whipp and Katy Manning in ‘The Mists of Time’.

‘The Mists of Time’ is a great ‘Doctor Who’ audio adventure with Katy Manning as Jo. I cherish fond memories from this tale. It’s well-written by Jonathan Morris and well-performed by Katy Manning.

‘The Mists of Time’ rating – 9/10

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2 thoughts on “‘The Mists of Time’ (Audio)

  1. Timelord 007

    Another good Companion Chronicles story, Katy Manning is so good at these & Jonny Morris script is excellent so I’m rather surprised that this was originally a freebie.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tim Bradley Post author

    Very pleased you like this Companion Chronicles as well as me, Simon.

    Katy Manning is wonderful as Jo Grant and I felt really engaged with this story that was so well-written by Jonny Morris.

    I wouldn’t mind it if they had another freebie story with Sarah Sutton’s Nyssa someday! 😀

    Thanks for your comments.

    Tim. 🙂



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