‘Fellow Traveller’ (AIL)


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The Thirteenth Doctor meets Susan

‘Fellow Traveller’ by Mark Gatiss features the Thirteenth Doctor meeting Susan on the planet Earth in the 22nd century, many years after ‘The Dalek Invasion of Earth’ ended. Unlike ‘Press Play’ where the Thirteenth Doctor saw a hologram of Susan, she actually meets Susan at the end of her life here.

It was fascinating to read this story. Accounts of Susan’s life after travelling with her grandfather in the TARDIS have been depicted in the BBC Books, the Big Finish audios with Paul McGann’s Doctor and even an audio play that’s actually a ‘Doctor Who’ parody called ‘Whatever Happened to…Susan’.

Here, it was intriguing to find Susan at the end of her life as she says her current body is ‘wearing a bit thin’. Meaning that she’s about to regenerate. Whilst a regeneration isn’t depicted in the story, it’s fascinating that Mark Gatiss establishes Susan is of Gallifrey whilst there’s been an enigma to her.

I enjoyed the interaction between Susan and the Thirteenth Doctor. Whilst Susan doesn’t outwardly name her as ‘grandmother’ in the tale, I like how she gradually deduces that the Thirteenth Doctor was once her grandfather all those years ago. The Thirteenth Doctor is also kind to Susan in the tale.

This is when she offers Susan sandwiches kept in a parcel. There are references to David, Susan’s husband. Strangely, Susan’s son Alex isn’t mentioned. 😐 I found it intriguing when Susan was beating up an empty, battered Dalek casing to honour David. I thought Susan was more restrained than that.

‘Fellow Traveller’ rating – 8/10

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