‘The Shadow in the Mirror’ (Webcast/AIL)


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Daughter of Mine meets the Thirteenth Doctor

‘The Shadow in the Mirror’ by Paul Cornell is the third story of the ‘shadow’ trilogy, which started in ‘The Shadow Passes’ and then in ‘Shadow of a Doubt’. It was originally presented on YouTube as a webcast in April 2020 and it later got published in prose in the ‘Adventures in Lockdown’ anthology.

The story is read and performed by Lauren Wilson (or Lor Wilson) as Lucy Cartwright, who became Daughter of Mine in ‘Human Nature’/’The Family of Blood’. I have met Lauren Wilson briefly at the ‘Dimensions 2013’ convention in Newcastle, October 2013. It was nice to hear her reading this story.

In the story, Daughter of Mine meets the Thirteenth Doctor who comes to visit her when she’s trapped in a mirror on Andromeda. Daughter of Mine still refuses to say ‘sorry’ for what she did during the ‘Human Nature’ story. But the Thirteenth Doctor lets Daughter of Mine out of the mirror.

The Thirteenth Doctor takes Daughter of Mine into her TARDIS before taking her back home to the Family of Blood’s home planet. That was very interesting of the Thirteenth Doctor to do, considering she/he had refused to let Daughter of Mine out of the mirror when she wouldn’t say ‘sorry’ at all. 😐

It’s also interesting that the Doctor comes to the conclusion that it was her/his own fault that the Family of Blood killed so many people. The story is left open-ended as to whether Daughter of Mine will cause a lot of trouble in the universe or not when the Thirteenth Doctor has returned her home.

‘The Shadow in the Mirror’ rating – 7/10

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