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2004 Goes Missing with the Thirteenth Doctor, Graham, Ryan and Yaz

The thirteenth story of the ‘Doctor Who’ Puffin e-shorts series is ‘Time Lapse’ by Naomi Alderman. Sadly, no YouTube interview is provided with Naomi Alderman. 😦

Naomi Alderman has written a ‘Doctor Who’ story before which was the ‘New Series Adventures’ novel ‘Borrowed Time’ featuring the Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory. She’s a Jewish writer and is rather well-known for writing acclaimed books such as ‘The Power’, ‘Disobedience’ and ‘The Lessons’.

‘Time Lapse’ features the Thirteenth Doctor, Graham, Ryan and Yaz. The story has no chapters and takes place at the British Museum on the 28th of April 2019 and at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC in 2004. The audiobook version for this story is read by…Sophie Aldred.

Sophie previously read ‘The Roots of Evil’ and ‘Something Borrowed’ in the Puffin e-shorts series of ‘Doctor Who’ stories. To be fair, Sophie’s a good choice to read this story since she has read Thirteenth Doctor stories like ‘The Secret in Vault 13’, ‘The Maze of Doom’ and ‘At Childhood’s End’.

Mind you, I would’ve liked Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole or Mandip Gill to read this story too. I like how Naomi Alderman recreates the interaction between the Thirteenth Doctor, Graham, Ryan and Yaz in this story and how they work together to solve the mystery of what happened when 2004 vanished.

The root cause of the year 2004 disappearing is because a Time Agent called Richard Somerset wanted a girl he fancied called Maria Hackett to forget the time he tried to ask her out on a date. This story also has three-headed vulture-like aliens called Corpse Gipes that must be pretty terrifying.

The Puffin e-shorts series of ‘Doctor Who’ stories have been an enjoyable collection indeed. With some exceptions, the stories have been very engaging and fulfilling. With the audiobook versions to listen to and with some YouTube interviews with some writers to watch, you really can’t go wrong! 🙂

I’m sure there’ll be more instalments of the Puffin e-shorts series of ‘Doctor Who’ to be made featuring the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Doctors, but I’m very glad I’ve read and heard these stories so far. This collection might be a mixed bag of stories, but at least they’re a very enjoyable mixed bag.

‘Time Lapse’ rating – 8/10

‘Thirteen Doctors, 13 Stories’ series rating – 7/10

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