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Rochester Castle with the Twelfth Doctor and Cameron

‘Distant Voices’ is the title of the Season 3 episode from ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’. 😀 It’s also the title of the third audio adventure in ‘The Twelfth Doctor Chronicles’ of ‘Doctor Who’ by Big Finish. 😀

This story is by Lizbeth Myles, who’s done a number of ‘Doctor Who’ stories before. This includes ‘Breaking Bubbles’ and the short story ‘Silver Mosquitoes’ in ‘The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who’.

‘Silver Mosquitoes’ featured the Twelfth Doctor and Clara, so it makes sense for Lizbeth Myles to write an adventure in ‘The Twelfth Doctor Chronicles’. She also wrote ‘The Astrea Conspiracy’ audio.

In this story, the Doctor visits Rochester Castle in the year 2015. There he meets Emily Redpath as Cameron, who is a tour guide at the castle. She’s been haunted by strange voices speaking to her. 😐

Cameron tries to get on with her job whilst she keeps hearing the voices in her head. No-one but her seems to hear them. When she meets the Doctor on one of her tours, he knows she’s hearing them.

Very soon, time starts to fracture. Cameron finds herself on an adventure with the Doctor, travelling back and forth in time at Rochester Castle. Can the Doctor and Cameron unravel the mystery here?!

I like how this story focuses on Cameron being the centre of the attention with jumping back and forth in time at Rochester Castle. Cameron finds herself and the Doctor going back in time to 1215. 🙂

Later on, they both venture forth into 2815 – the 29th century. Cameron seems to be recognised by someone who owns Rochester Castle in 1215. She also knows how to fire a 29th century weapon. 😐

I also like how Cameron first meets the Doctor when he’s interrupting her during her castle tour. She gets frustrated by him first and gets even more frustrated when he finds her alone, hearing voices. 🙂

The Doctor pushes Cameron to hear the voices clearly as they jump back and forth in time around Rochester Castle. It gets indicated that Cameron might have been sent back from the future in a war.

I like how Cameron works as a one-off guest character in this story. At first, you think she’s a typical 21st century girl. But as the episode progresses, there’s a lot more to her than it first appears in this.

I also like the relationship Cameron seems to form with her friend Alex during the castle tours. It’s rather tragic when Alex walks into the mist and is gone forever. How much did she really like him? 😐

Again, I enjoyed Jacob Dudman’s performance as the Doctor in this episode as well as being the narrator. Jacob is able to put across the Twelfth Doctor’s alien rudeness as well as his compassion. 😀

There is a point where King John gets mentioned. The Doctor even mentions the ‘fake’ King John of England in ‘The King’s Demons’ that happened to be Kamelion, although the name doesn’t get said.

I actually wonder what it would’ve been like if Kamelion as King John actually made an appearance in this story at Rochester Castle. It certainly would’ve been very intriguing had it done that approach.

Emily Redpath in ‘Distant Voices’.

Emily Redpath also plays a female commander who is one of the voices that Cameron hears from the future. By the time we get to the future, Cameron seems pretty confident in her 29th century mode.

I must admit, the story did feel rushed towards its conclusion, especially when we were jumping from one time zone to the next. Perhaps I didn’t pay attention, but it did seem to get complicated. 😐

I liked that moment towards the end of the story where the Doctor was talking to the horse instead of Cameron. It seems a Twelfth Doctor thing to do, especially when Cameron was riding on her/him.

At the end of the story, Cameron seems satisfied to be in the time and place she’s in now compared to what she was before. The Doctor becomes satisfied by her choice. He soon returns to the TARDIS.

Incidentally, I like how the story began with the Twelfth Doctor in the TARDIS. I like how the story emphasises how much the Doctor loves his TARDIS, even when it’s playing up during time fractures.

‘Distant Voices’ is a fairly enjoyable audio episode in ‘The Twelfth Doctor Chronicles’. I wouldn’t consider it a great episode, but it was nice to hear the tale of Cameron getting helped by the Doctor!

The CD extras are as follows. There are behind-the-scenes interviews with Jacob Dudman, Emily Redpath, director Helen Goldwyn and script editor Matt Fitton on ‘Distant Voices’ which I enjoyed hearing.

‘Distant Voices’ rating – 7/10

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2 thoughts on “‘Distant Voices’ (Audio)

  1. Timelord 007

    Possibly the weakest of the 4 stories but still a entertaining audio drama, this would have benefited from a additional 10 minutes in the climax because as you quite rightly say it felt rushed & gets bit too complexed trying keep up with what’s going on, a CD compresses 79 minutes of data so surely 75 minutes wouldn’t be a issue just reduce the CD interviews run time to 4 minutes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      Hi Simon.

      Yeah this is probably the weakest of the four stories featured in ‘The Twelfth Doctor Chronicles’. It’s still entertaining but it could’ve done with more additional time at the end. I would’ve liked it if one of these stories featured either Clara or Bill to make it feel more engaging. Emily Redpath’s still a good actress playing Cameron here and I hope she’ll go on to do greater things.

      Many thanks for your comments on my review.

      Tim. 🙂



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