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“Am I A Good Man?” – The Twelfth Doctor meets a Dalek

into the dalek

This is an intriguing episode by Phil Ford and Steven Moffat, where Peter Capaldi meets the Daleks. This episode is where the Doctor and Clara get miniaturized and they have to get inside a sick Dalek.

I enjoyed the concept of this story as it was originally conceived by Steven Moffat. I’m pleased with how Phil Ford writes the episode and that he manages to create a sense of tension inside the Dalek.

The question gets raised about whether there is such a thing as a good Dalek. This is another intriguing concept and it’s frightening when the Doctor and Clara literally get inside ‘Rusty the Dalek’.

The Doctor and Clara get joined by three soldiers when they go inside the Dalek and face its antibodies. As well as seeing inside the Dalek’s body work, they also get inside its mind and its soul.

There are moments when the Dalek is seemingly being good and not thinking about exterminating humans and destroying Daleks instead. This changes as the Doctor manages to heal the Dalek itself.

This episode features the first appearance of Samuel Anderson as Danny Pink, an ex-soldier and fellow teacher at Coal Hill School. Danny also gets to be Clara’s new romantic interest for this series.

I like Danny Pink’s character. It’s a good introduction for him here in this episode and he clearly becomes interested in Clara. I liked that first scene between them both when they meet each other.

The cast also includes Zawe Ashton as Journey Blue, who the Doctor rescues from her spaceship under attack by the Doctor. Journey accompanies the Doctor when he and Clara get inside the Dalek.

There’s also Michael Smiley as Colonel Morgan Blue of the Aristotle command ship. There is also Laura dos Santos as Gretchen and Ben Crompton as Ross who also accompany the Doctor and Clara.

Peter Capaldi is very good as the Doctor in this episode. This is where he gets to ask the question to Clara about whether he is a good man or not. His morals get tested when dealing with Daleks in this.

The Doctor does some very off-hand things when they’re inside the Dalek and acts very brash. He gets a telling-off from Clara and there are dark moments that make Peter Capaldi’s Doctor intriguing.

Jenna Coleman is lovely as Clara Oswald in this episode. I liked her interaction with Danny Pink in this first meeting together. She doesn’t know whether the new Doctor is a good man or not when asked.

But Clara gives the Doctor a chance especially when they go inside the Dalek. Clara gets to experience some daring things, when she climbs up or is going downwards inside the Dalek’s casing.

Nicholas Briggs voices for the Daleks again in this episode. Nick is very good in doing the deranged tones of the sick Dalek when it’s damaged. It did seem like that there could be a good Dalek after all.

But not all is at it seems when the Dalek is healed and begins attacking the soldiers inside the Aristotle ship. It was so unusual and surreal when the Doctor gets inside the Daleks’ thoughts in this.

It was very exciting when seeing Daleks invading and attacking the Aristotle ship during the episode. It felt like good old-fashioned Dalek gun-fights with humans and they’re great in their bronze-glory.

‘Into the Dalek’ is a very impressive ‘Doctor Who’ episode with Peter Capaldi meeting the Daleks for the first time in his era. I enjoyed this one. It is so mind-boggling, but with Daleks you can’t go wrong.

The DVD special features on this episode are as follows. On Disc 1 of ‘The Complete Series 8’ of ‘Doctor Who’, there is a commentary with writer Phil Ford and director Ben Wheatley. On Disc 5, there’s the ‘Into the Dalek’ – Doctor Who Extra’ featurette.

‘Into the Dalek’ rating – 7/10

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2 thoughts on “‘Into the Dalek’ (TV)

  1. Tim Bradley Post author

    Hi Simon.

    Glad you enjoyed my review on ‘Into The Dalek’.

    My parents didn’t get this episode when they watched it, which is understandable. I found it an intriguing episode where the Doctor and Clara get to go inside a Dalek and Peter Capaldi does well in his performance as the Doctor like you said.

    Tim. 🙂



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