‘Kill the Moon’ (TV)

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The Moon with the Twelfth Doctor and Clara

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This ‘Doctor Who’ episode by Peter Harness is probably my least favourite from Series 8. I felt dissatisfied with the story’s premise in the episode and the conclusion of how things were resolved.

In the episode, Ellis George as Courtney Woods, one of the Coal Hill school pupils, joins the Doctor and Clara on an adventure to the moon in the year 2049. She previously appeared in ‘The Caretaker’.

Not meaning to disrespect Ellis George and her character as Courtney, but did there seem to be a point in her appearing in this episode? Courtney joining the Doctor and Clara feels rather tagged on.

kill the moon2

I mean okay, I get that Courtney is meant to appeal to the younger audience watching ‘Doctor Who’. But after this episode, Courtney doesn’t make a return appearance and didn’t have an impact on me.

The episode was filmed in sunny Lanzarote of all places. Lanzarote was where they filmed the story ‘Planet of Fire’ back in 1984. I like how the production team used Lanzarote to be the moon’s setting.

It’s difficult to imagine that whilst the crew was filming the moon scenes, it was all so hot and sunny. CGI and lightning helped to disguise the fact that it’s the moon and it is cold in the vacuum of space.

kill the moon3

The monsters in this episode are a species of spider-like creatures called Spider germs. I couldn’t help be reminded of the Cractids and the gloomy atmosphere from ‘Cobwebs’ when I watched this story.

Saying that however, the Spider germs didn’t seem to be that threatening and have an impact on me. They may have attacked Peter Capaldi’s Doctor and killed people, but they weren’t that exciting.

I’m afraid I found the moon turning out to be an egg and hatching an alien creature inside a ludicrous and silly idea. Terrance Dicks also felt the same, saying so at the ‘Valiant 2015′ convention.

kill the moon4

Hermione Norris guest stars as Captain Lundvik, the leader of a shuttle crew visiting the moon. When Lundvik discovers that the moon is actually an egg, she demands to know how they’re to kill it.

Now this is where my problem for ‘Kill the Moon’ comes into place. Apart from it being slow-paced and not very exciting, the tale comes across as being mean-spirited concerning the moon as an egg.

When Clara asks the people of Earth to help decide whether to ‘kill the moon’ or not; they all switch their lights off to say “No!” This depicts humanity at its worst and perhaps most selfish with this crisis.

Jenna Coleman as Clara stands out for me in this episode. Clara is forced to make a hard decision for the future of the human race. The Doctor cruelly abandoned her so that she can make the decision.

At the end of the episode, there’s a scene where Clara gets angry with the Doctor. The scene shows Jenna Coleman’s brilliance as an actress and also highlights her relationship with the Twelfth Doctor.

But this also depicts the inconsistent development of Clara’s character. Clara should be grateful that the Doctor had faith in the decision she made. But instead, Clara complains that he abandoned her.

I know the Doctor’s alien and that his ‘twelfth’ persona was undergoing development at this stage. But did Clara need to be so upset and angry with the Doctor, even after they saved the moon itself?

I liked that last scene when Samuel Anderson as Danny Pink comes in to check on her. Clara tells Danny what happened and she’s finished with the Doctor. But Danny isn’t convinced Clara means it.

‘Kill the Moon’ is not a favourite episode of mine from the Peter Capaldi era. Whilst it has a great performance from Jenna Coleman as Clara, this episode felt mean-spirted and the concept was silly.

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The DVD special features on this episode are as follows. On Disc 2 of ‘The Complete Series 8’ of ‘Doctor Who’, there is a commentary with director Paul Wilmhurst and first assistant director Scott Bates. On Disc 5, there’s the ‘Kill the Moon’ – Doctor Who Extra’ featurette.

‘Kill the Moon’ rating – 4/10

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