‘Silver Mosquitoes’ (SS)


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Silver Mosquitoes and Roman Germany with the Twelfth Doctor and Clara

This story by L.M. Myles features the Twelfth Doctor and Clara. L.M. Myles wrote ‘Breaking Bubbles’ in the Big Finish audio CD called ‘Breaking Bubbles and Other Stories’ with Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant. I enjoyed this adventure with the Twelfth Doctor and Clara and L.M. Myles’ take on the duo.

In the story, the Doctor and Clara assist Ulpia Severina and her Roman soldiers as they get attacked by robotic silver mosquitoes. Ulpia Severina was the wife of Julius Caesar who became Empress of Rome after her husband was murdered. This was a new thing for me to discover in reading the story.

I found this story interesting because it has the Doctor and Clara clashing on various points of view they have. The Doctor seems to regard both Roman and 21st century standards of medicine dismissively whilst Clara is convinced her era’s form of medicine is better than what the Romans had.

The Doctor is also more forgiving than Clara when the silver mosquitoes originally didn’t consider humanity to be of sentinel life once they came to Earth. I did feel Clara’s selfishness and character inconsistency coming into place for this story. Clara could have been compassionate and understanding.

Instead she tries to force her opinion on the Doctor, saying that she’s right and the Doctor’s wrong. This makes her rather bitchy here. In the end, the Doctor and Clara manage to send the mosquitoes away. The Doctor decides to return to the TARDIS and not return to Ulpia Severina and the Romans.

‘Silver Mosquitoes’ is accompanied by the chapter called ‘The Practicalities of Time Travel’.

‘Silver Mosquitoes’ rating – 7/10

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