‘Decoy’ (TS)


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Daleks and Time Lords Attack with the War Doctors and Rassilon

‘Decoy’ is a War Doctor story by George Mann. I greatly enjoyed reading this story. George Mann has written for the War Doctor before since he wrote the book ‘Engines of War’. I’ve also had the chance to write my own War Doctor story called ‘The Nightmare of the Warrior’, part of the ‘Zorbius’ series.

Rassilon plans to lure the Daleks into a trap by using an armada of unwitting Time Lords, led by an Auton duplicate of the War Doctor. I assume this is the Rassilon played by Timothy Dalton here. The War Doctor is very angry once he hears about Rassilon’s plan to send Time Lords off to their deaths.

Thankfully, the War Doctor is one step ahead of Rassilon. He sends in another Auton duplicate to berate and distract Rassilon whilst he steals weaponry from the Time Lord armoury. He also reprograms his Auton duplicate with the Time Lords as well as seed gas giants with proximity mines.

I like how General Artarix and the Adjunct aboard the Time Lord armada interact with the Auton War Doctor, who seems very convincing as their leader into a battle zone. I also liked that moment where the War Doctor persuades a Time Lord soldier to let him go in order to rescue the Time Lord armada.

Thankfully, the War Doctor lures the Daleks into his trap, which trips the mines and the gas giants to explode. General Artarix and the Adjunct wonder whether the Doctor managed to escape the ensuing conflagration, but they become certain that he has. Overall, a gripping and well-written tale!

‘Decoy’ rating – 8/10

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