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The Genesis of Davros – Part 3

“Logically, the war ends with one form of life in utter control of the world…”

Davros has become well-established within the Science Elite on Skaro. But how will his actions affect the world of Skaro for the Kaleds and Thals. Will it do any good? Will Davros’ quest for power fail him?

The third chapter of this mini-series, ‘Corruption’, is a grim and insightful episode on how Davros, who is now a scientist, seeks his way on the road to gaining power. This episode features the beginnings of Davros gaining his highest position within Kaled society and becoming that monster we know him for.

This ‘I, Davros’ episode is by Lance Parkin, who wrote the Sixth Doctor audio adventure, ‘Davros’. Lance knows Davros inside out from writing that audio drama and includes elements and characters from that story into this episode of the ‘I, Davros’ series. This develops on the ghastly choices Davros makes.

By this point, Davros continues his experiments on the mutation of the Kaled people and finding ways for his people to survive and destroy the Thals. But working with the scientists and the politicians doesn’t make Davros very popular and many fear him when he gets determined to get what he wants.

Terry Molloy delivers a superb performance as Davros at this point in his life. He still uses his own natural voice as Davros, but there are times when he can be so obsessive and passionate with what he wants that he begins to rant and raise his voice. The start of Davros’ madness occurs in this episode.

Davros also becomes less sentimental when those die around him during the war, as he’s more interested in science. When conducting his experiments, Davros detaches himself from feelings and makes decisions to remove the rational aspects of the Kaled mutants which is greatly horrible to hear.

Also in this episode, Davros claims to have no interest in politics within the Kaled society as his interest for science overwhelms him. But Davros soon discovers that gaining power is the only way to get what he wants with his experiments and he becomes persuasive and manipulative towards people in power.

Carolyn Jones returns as Lady Calcula. She is still a member of the Council of Twelve and is keen to put forward new schemes to improve the Kaled society. It was shocking to hear when Calcula suggests implementing teaching of warfare in Kaled schools and this put me in mind of the Hitler Youth Groups.

The relationship between Calcula and her son Davros has become strained. Where Calcula’s interest is in politics; Davros isn’t. But Calcula still wants the best for her son and for him to be in a position of power. Calcula is also interested in Davros’ taste in women when she watches him with Scientist Shan.

Tragically, Calcula gets killed in this episode when she and her personal assistant Fenn are exposed to a massive dose of radiation. There’s a farewell scene between her and son Davros before she dies. But Davros doesn’t mourn for her mother as you would expect and he begins horrible experiments on her.

The episode guest stars Katarina Olsson as Scientist Shan. Shan works with Davros along with David Bickerstaff as Scientist Ral on his experiments regarding the mutation of the Kaled people. Both Davros and Shan work well and there’s the possibility of a potential romance blossoming between these two.

But as the episode progresses, Shan becomes increasingly unsure about Davros’ experiments and is horrified when he’s considering removing rational emotions from the Kaled mutants. Shan’s anxiety leads her to talking to Councillor Valron and they both attempt to find a way to end the war peacefully.

Sean Carlsen guest stars as Councillor Valron. Valron is a Kaled politician who sits in during meetings with the Supremo, Davros and Calcula. Varlon shows concern with Scientist Shan about Davros. He also has affair with Shan. It leads these two into trouble as they’re both framed as traitors by Davros.

John Stahl returns as the Supremo. The Supremo becomes fearful of Davros when he’s conducting his experiments. But when Davros learns of the Supremo’s attempts to destroy his works, he coerces him to give him complete control of the Scientific Elite and to have Shan and Valron be arrested as traitors.

The scenes where Davros is disappointed with Shan objecting to his work and he exposes as her a traitor to the Supremo was pretty gut-wrenching and disturbing to listen to. This is merely the beginning of Davros’ cruelty, as his power-gaining plans corrupt him into becoming a ruthless dictator.

This episode is significant as we have the scene where Davros get caught in a terrible accident and he becomes crippled and blinded. Davros is put in a life-support system when he loses his legs. This completes the transformation of Davros becoming the monster we know and loathe in ‘Doctor Who’.

Terry Molloy also gets to speak properly as Davros in becoming more Dalek-like. I’m very impressed with how Terry enhances Davros’ character during this ‘I, Davros’ mini-series. Terry adds more layers to Davros every time I listen to him and I am looking forward to how Davros sounds in the final episode.

Again this episode is bookended with scenes with Davros put on trial by the Daleks on Skaro later on. I like how each episode of ‘I, Davros’ bookends with these scenes as they reflect on how Davros becomes the monster he will be. Again we have another preview of the next instalment for this series.

‘Corruption’ is a very significant episode of the ‘I, Davros’ series since it completes Davros’ journey into becoming the wheel-bounded monster. But this is only the beginning as I was looking forward to finding out what Davros will do next in his new position of power and how he finally creates the Daleks.

Davros’ future for the Kaleds will soon (in his image) set them up as gods…

‘Corruption’ (I,D) rating – 8/10

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2 thoughts on “‘Corruption’ (I,D) (Audio)

  1. Timelord007

    Experiments on his sister is bad enough but nah he bloody experiments on his possessive mother without hesitation, I have in the past posted criticism at Nuwho not pushing the boundaries & taking risks, I, Davros doesn’t push boundaries it ploughs through them, this moves into very dark themes as Davros makes Darth Vader look like a choir boy lol, this has to be one of if not the most messed up audio dramas ever in Doctor Who’s history & I have loved every minute of it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      I found it gut-wrenching when Davros betrayed his lover and it was disturbing when he becomes the monster he know and love him for, being wheelchair bound. Thanks for sharing your insight and comments on this ‘I, Davros’ mini-series, Simon. I can see how much this four-part series means a lot to you.

      Tim. 🙂



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