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The Genesis of Davros – Part 2

“Only my mother believed in me!”

Davros moves from childhood and goes into manhood. He approaches his thirtieth birthday. What decision will he make in his life? How it will affect his world and the Kaled race in many years to come?

‘Purity’ is the second chapter in the ‘I, Davros’ series. After listening to the first episode, ‘Innocence’, of this intriguing and very disturbing audio mini-series, I was keen to find out how Davros progresses in his life by this point. I was to discover that Davros makes decisions that are sickening and horrifying.

This second episode is by James Parsons and Andrew Stirling-Brown. This is a pretty different episode to the previous one, since we see Davros now as a man and working in the military corps of the Kaleds. The episode also depicts Davros in the field since he goes on a dangerous mission within Thal territory.

Davros has done well for himself, but is now trying to get out of the Kaled military and to get into the Scientific Corps. But to do that, the Supremo leader of the Kaleds sends Davros on a mission to discover and collect information on a Thal weapon. Davros takes the mission and discovers life lessons himself.

It was nice to hear Terry Molloy proper as Davros. Beforehand, it was Rory Jennings who played a sixteen-year old boy Davros. Now Davros is a man, the real starring actor takes over. It’s interesting that Terry uses his own voice as Davros before he gets deformed and sounds pretty horrible as a Dalek.

This episode continues to explore Davros’ past as well as the history of Skaro before its people ever heard of Daleks. The war between the Thals and the Kaleds is still on-going and it’s horrifying as no-one is willing to stop the fighting. There are mentions of people including the Tharons and Dals in this.

In the interim between as a young boy to being a man, Davros has been in the Kaled military for some while and works his way to become a scientist instead. He gets given an opportunity by the Supremo to undertake a mission into Thal territory, before he gets sent home as he spends time with his family.

I like the scenes where Davros reunites with his dysfunctional family including his mother and his half-sister. It’s interesting how flawed Davros’ family life was and how his relationships with people including his mother and half-sister affect his decisions in becoming the man or that monster later on.

Carolyn Jones returns as Lady Calcula. Calcula has now become a member of the Council of Twelve within Kaled society. She is besotted with Davros and thinks the world of him as he neglects her daughter Yarvell terribly. Calcula is a woman who will do anything to secure her son’s future no matter.

The relationship between Davros and his mother is interesting. By this point in their relationship, they clearly share things in common with each other. It’s pretty disturbing when they both agree the Thals should be wiped out and the Kaleds should survive once Davros becomes the scientist he wants to be.

Lizzie Hopley returns as Yarvell, Davros’ half-sister. Yarvell is now a member of the peace activist movement on Skaro. Yarvell has become bitter towards her mother and half-brother. She’s disgusted by Davros when he wants to go into science to win the war for the Kaleds instead of stopping the war.

This episode guest stars Andrew Wisher as Tech-Ops Reston. Andrew is in real-life the son of Michael Wisher, the original Davros from ‘Genesis of the Daleks’. Both Davros and Reston share an interesting friendship with each other, since they have worked and go on the mission together into Thal territory.

John Stahl guest stars as the Supremo, the leader of the Kaled people on Skaro. The Supremo is interesting since he has been checking on Davros and his work in the military field. He chooses Davros on this mission to find out about this new Thal weapon, even if this means sending him off to his death.

Peter Sowerbutts also returns as Tutor Magrantine, Davros’ former teacher in ‘Innocence’. Magrantine was horribly mutilated by Davros when he was younger. Now he’s a wretch out on the wastelands on Skaro and is holding onto revenge before he meets Davros again during his mission into Thal territory.

Davros makes specific discoveries during his mission into the Wastelands and in Thal territory. Davros encounter lethal plants that he calls Vargas, which would feature in the 12-part Dalek story, ‘The Daleks’ Master Plan’. Magrantine’s mutation and others like him also get named Mutos from ‘Genesis’.

Davros also discovers more about the genetic mutation of the Kaled race and has ideas on how to improve their make-up. This includes discovering the hatred in his former tutor as well as race purity and superiority. Davros even kills his friend Reston when he discovers how weak he is which is horrible.

It turns out that Davros has been betrayed during his mission into Thal territory as one of the Thal officers recognised him. When Davros tells his mother about this, Calcula suspects Yarvell leaked the information. This leads into a pretty brutal scene where Calcula drowns Yarvell in their swimming pool.

I found it horrifying when Davros discovers his half-sister Yarvell is dead from his mother and begins to conduct experiments on his sister. This leads into how Davros makes his beginnings into altering the genetic make-up of the Kaled race and they would go onto to become the Dalek mutant creatures.

This episode, like before in the previous episode, is bookended with scenes set later on where Davros is on trial by the Daleks. It’s interesting how Davros relates what he remembers from his past to the Daleks, and we have a preview of what is to come next for the next instalment of the ‘I, Davros’ series.

‘Purity’ is an extraordinary continuation of this insight and exploration into Davros’ past. I find how bleak and gruelling this story of Davros’ life was like. Terry Molloy delivers a brilliant performance as Davros and I was looking forward to how his journey progresses in the next two episodes of this series.

The hints of Davros’ creation of the Daleks are getting closer than before.

‘Purity’ (I,D) rating – 8/10

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2 thoughts on “‘Purity’ (I,D) (Audio)

  1. Timelord007

    Talk about pushing the extreme, mother Calcula drowns her daughter Yarvell & Davros uses her body for experiments besides killing his friend, this mini series is dark & uncompromising in it’s storytelling, I remember purchasing this set for £15 & it was £15 well spent & become my all time favourite spin off because it deals with some very dark themes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      I didn’t like it when Calcula drowns her daughter Yarvell. It was so horrifying to imagine. And Davros using his half-sister’s body for experiments was equally disturbing.

      You’re right, Simon. This mini-series wouldn’t be made for TV audiences today. It’s just as well as we have it to enjoy on audio.

      Thanks for your comments.

      Tim. 🙂



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