‘Grounded’ (TS)


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An Alien Visitor with Ben and his Dad

This is an unusual entry in ‘The Target Storybook’. ‘Grounded’ by Una McCormack is set before the events of ‘Rose’ and doesn’t feature the Doctor. Its main character is Ben Finch, the son of Clive Finch, the human conspiracy theorist whom Rose met in ‘Rose’ to find out more about the Doctor. 🙂

It was fascinating to read this story and enjoy an adventure about what Clive did before he tragically got killed off in ‘Rose’. Now just to be clear, Ben isn’t the son in ‘Rose’ who said, “Dad, it’s one of your nutters!” That was Michael. Ben is another of Clive’s sons created for the ‘Rose’ novelization. 🙂

Now that’s an intriguing approach by Una McCormack. To have a son of Clive who was never seen in the TV version of ‘Rose’ to get a story in ‘The Target Storybook’ anthology. I suppose if it had been Michael instead, things would get pretty difficult in terms of continuity and how this story plays out.

I do wonder though where Ben was during that Auton attack of London when his dad got killed. Anyway, Ben gets ‘grounded’ after an accident playing a football into a neighbour’s house. Ben soon finds himself on a secret adventure with his dad as well as man called Palmer to rescue a little alien.

I wonder if Palmer is one of the U.N.I.T. boys from the Jon Pertwee era. It’s fascinating how Palmer drugged Clive and his son Ben to forget everything they’ve experienced with the little alien before he gives Ben his memories back to write a fictional story on it in school. Otherwise, an enjoyable read! 🙂

‘Grounded’ rating – 8/10

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