‘Letters From The Front’ (TS)


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Prem’s Experience of the Second World War

The final story of ‘The Target Storybook’ is a prequel to ‘Demons of the Punjab’ from Series 11. Vinay Patel who wrote the episode writes this little short story. It focuses on the character of Prem and it details his military service in the Second World War in the form of letters to Umbreen and Manish.

It was fascinating to read this tale and find out what happened to Prem when he fought in the war. The letters he writes are mostly to his fiancée Umbreen with the final one written to his brother Manish. The story covers his journey in the war from 1941 to 1945 before his return to India in 1947.

Prem shares his experience of fighting in the war in places like Lahore, Singapore, Burma and Lahore again. Some of the experiences he recounts in his letters range from being happy with his comrades to being distressed with some of them getting killed as well as some Indians fighting other Indians. 😐

There are sections of the story where it’s narrated by a Thijarian called Hunter Ityoj, who watches Prem’s time during the Second World War. I must admit, I found the Ityoj sections of the story less interesting than Prem’s. They’re needed to signify the Thijarians watching Prem’s life before its end.

But it wasn’t as interesting as I hoped it would be. Prem also expresses great love for his future wife Umbreen as well as his brother Manish. It’s a shame that the love Prem has for Manish gets unrewarded as depicted in the events of ‘Demons of the Punjab’. Overall, this was a fascinating tale.

‘The Target Storybook’ of ‘Doctor Who’ has been another enjoyable collection of short stories to read. Some of them have been hit and miss, but the ones I have enjoyed, especially from writers like Joy Wilkinson, Simon Guerrier, Terrance Dicks, Colin Baker, Mike Tucker, etc, have been pretty good.

‘The Dark River’ by Matthew Waterhouse has to be my favourite out of the collection for obvious reasons, since it features Adric and Nyssa. ‘The Target Storybook’ is a nice collection of stories to read through, especially when you want to get through very distressing times occurring in the world.

‘Letters From The Front’ rating – 7/10

‘The Target Storybook’ rating – 8/10

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