‘Myth Makers: Peter Grimwade’ (Film)



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Peter Grimwade is a writer/director in the early years of John Nathan-Turner’s era of ‘Doctor Who’ in the 1980s. The interview is introduced by Nicholas Briggs and producer/director Keith Barnfather.

This was an interesting interview to watch. It showcases a very interesting writer/director in ‘Doctor Who’ who’s known to be intense but comes across as brightly intelligent for his ‘Myth Makers’ here.

Peter Grimwade directed four ‘Doctor Who’ stories. They include ‘Full Circle’, ‘Logopolis’, ‘Kinda’ and ‘Earthshock’. He also wrote the three stories ‘Time-Flight’, ‘Mawdryn Undead’ and ‘Planet of Fire’. 🙂

I did see excerpts of this Peter Grimwade interview in ‘Doctor Who’ DVD documentaries for his stories. The interview was recorded in 1987. Peter sadly died in 1990 after he did his ‘Myth Makers’.

I didn’t know much about Peter before seeing this interview. It was interesting to discover more on what he was like. It was a very pleasant interview with Peter, conducted by Nick Briggs at his house.

It was clear beforehand that Peter was an intense director when working with actors on the stories he worked on. It was so intriguing that Peter wanted to be a writer first before he became a director.

I like how Peter expressed his frustration on how the stories he penned didn’t match his expectations by other directors. This is clear (although not mentioned here) concerning ‘Time-Flight’.

It was interesting to find out how Peter started his career ambitions with being a writer, working on shows like ‘Z Cars’. This was when he was the assistant floor manager for ‘Doctor Who’ in the 1970s.

Most of the interview is conducted in Peter’s living room, before he takes Nick to visit his study in the attic. It was fun to watch and it was amusing to see the number of cats Peter had in his house. 😀

Sarah Sutton makes an appearance in Peter Grimwade’s ‘Myth Makers’. I was thrilled to bits as I thought I’d seen the last of Sarah since she reads extracts from Peter’s books in his ‘Myth Makers’. 🙂

Sarah is clearly a good narrator. I loved it when she read some of Peter’s ‘Doctor Who’ Target novelizations like ‘Time-Flight’ and ‘Mawdryn Undead’ as well as Peter’s original sci-fi book ‘Robot’. 🙂

I liked how, during his interview, Peter makes comments on the challenges of directing the TV stories he did. He expresses how challenging it was in directing his first story ‘Full Circle’ in terms of a script.

It was interesting how Peter compares both ‘Full Circle’ and ‘Logopolis’. He says that ‘Logopolis’ was easier to direct in terms of a script compared to ‘Full Circle’, which is a fascinating remark to make. 🙂

Peter makes comments on how strange ‘Kinda’ was to make, especially concerning the subject matter. I liked how he referred to ‘The Unfolding Text’, which is a 1980s book that examines ‘Kinda’.

I enjoyed Peter’s comments on making ‘Earthshock’. Some of these comments are very familiar when he’s pushing the actors in their performances, but he clearly enjoyed working on that story. 😀

Not much was mentioned about the TV stories he wrote for ‘Doctor Who’, especially with ‘Mawdryn Undead’ and ‘Planet of Fire’. It would have been good to hear his comments about those TV stories.

It’s a shame Peter Grimwade is no longer with us, as he was clearly an interesting person from this interview. It would have been nice to meet him at conventions and share how much I like his stories.

Peter Grimwade’s ‘Myth Makers’ was very enjoyable! The Sarah Sutton parts of this ‘Myth Makers’ were my highlight, but I liked the insight of a man who directed four amazing ‘Doctor Who’ stories. 🙂

As well as the introduction and the interview with Peter Grimwade, there’s also a biography about him which was enjoyable to read. It gives more insight into who Peter was during his life and career.

‘Myth Makers: Peter Grimwade’ rating – 8/10

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