‘The City of the Bad Wolf’


By Tim Bradley

Featuring Trevor Martin’s Fourth Doctor, Jenny and Jimmy.

Set after ‘Seven Keys to Doomsday’.


Fresh from Karn, the Doctor, Jenny and Jimmy are guided by the Time Lords to uncover a secret from darkest myth. Trapped and driven to the brink of death, what truly lies at the centre of the City of the Bad Wolf?

Link to ‘The City of the Bad Wolf’ in the ‘Unbound Imaginings, Volume 2’ anthology on the ‘Divergent Wordsmiths’ website. Go to Page 43 to find the story.

‘Jenny Wilson’ and ‘Jimmy Forbes’ originally created by Terrance Dicks

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2 thoughts on “‘The City of the Bad Wolf’

  1. Timelord 007

    Into the death space, Nooooooooooo that ending you can’t end it like that it’s like Well Mannered War i need to know if they survived!

    Very clever using alternative timelines especially Billy becoming Spider-Man that was hilarious, also that Tegan died battling Omega & more importantly Billy & Nyssa parents to Enid & Adric.

    You have a ingenious imagination Tim & i said it a thousand times & i keep saying it BIG FINISH HIRE THIS MAN IMMEDIATELY.

    The City Of The Big Bad Wolf was part Robert Holmes part Brothers Grimm, a very dark atmospheric adventure which is right up my street, you captured Trevor Martin’s incarnation of the alternative Fourth Doctor magnificently he’s stern, direct but kind, Jenny a good companion although Jimmy a bit of a moaner he needs to be exterminated & just have The Doctor & Jenny (laughs maniacal) travel together, nice conclusion trapping the wolf, I like that the Doctor tries always see the good despite the wolf’s evil misdeeds.

    2 excellent short stories Tim, you never fail to deliver entertaining witty imaginative storytelling you deserve your stories to be novelised or adapted for audio because you have a very special gift for writing which many readers/listeners would enjoy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      Hi Simon.

      Very pleased you enjoyed my latest ‘Doctor Who’ stories in ‘Unbound Imaginings 2’.

      Glad you enjoyed ‘The City of the Bad Wolf’. I’m very pleased you found I captured Trevor Martin’s Fourth Doctor ‘magnificently’. I enjoyed writing for him, Jenny and Jimmy, even though it was only one story I had to base them on. I originally didn’t have in mind to feature Jimmy in this, but I felt that Jimmy was shouting me at me saying, “Oy! You can’t do this story without me!” so I included him. Hopefully as time goes on and when I get to write another Trevor Martin ‘Doctor Who’ story, I might tone down Jimmy’s moaning especially in an unbound universe.

      Equally pleased you enjoyed ‘Into the Death-Space’. I clearly enjoyed doing that one with an alternative Nyssa and Billy. I do have a few ideas on how to do a sequel to ‘Into the Death-Space’ and perhaps have Nyssa and Billy meet an alternative Fifth Doctor. We’ll have to wait and see. Yeah the ‘Spider-Man’ joke was funny. I’m glad I put that in. 😀 I’m glad you spotted the nods to the alternative timelines featuring Nyssa and Billy. Yeah Tegan ending up dying fighting Omega is sad isn’t it and Nyssa and Billy ending up being parents to Enid and Adric. I liked putting that into the story.

      Have you seen the Easter Egg on Page 4 of ‘Unbound Imaginings, Volume 2’? Click under ‘Doctors and companions alike’ and you may find it. There are some ‘Bradley’s Basement Trivia Files’ to enjoy!

      Many thanks Simon. Glad you enjoyed the stories.

      Tim. 🙂



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