‘The Impossible Girl Returns’


By Tim Bradley

Featuring Clara Oswald and Danny Pink.

Set after ‘Death In Heaven’ and ‘Hell Bent’.

Danny’s world was dying. The Nethersphere hadn’t much time left. He never really considered it to be his new home anyway. But with defeating Missy’s diabolical plan by utilising the Cybermen at his command and saving the world, it caused the Nethersphere to go into shut down. So much for a heaven!

But at least Danny had one noble act to do before he could finally die and meet his maker. He had worked it all out, you see.

The portal opened as he predicted. It was a soft bright white light before him. He knew who to contact, hoping the light at the end of the tunnel would meet at her end.

Danny felt nervous. It was the hardest thing he could do. But nevertheless, he had to do it.

He called out to the white light before him. “Clara!”

There was no answer at first.

Danny tried again. “Clara,” he called.

Thankfully, on the second attempt, Danny got an answer.

“Danny?” replied a young female voice he knew so well. “Danny, is that you?”

He wished he could see her beautiful face. Hear that wonderful laugh of hers.

Danny heard Clara call to him again, “Please say it’s you!”

He couldn’t bear it. Danny wished there was another way out of this. But he had to continue.

“Clara,” Danny began.

But Clara interrupted Danny from the other side of the light and said, “The Doctor told me about the bracelet. How it can let Missy travel from one world to the other.”

Yes, the bracelet, Danny nodded silently. He knew how the bracelet worked. The one the Doctor gave him on that terrible day he became a Cyberman. The Doctor had given him hope on that day. But Danny couldn’t be selfish to take that hope himself. He had to give it to someone else.

“This place is dying now,” Danny told Clara through the light.

“Yes,” Clara replied, “but the bracelet can bring you home.”

It pained Danny to hear those words. He knew Clara was giving him some hope too. That she wanted him to come back into her life. But he knew that it was impossible for him.

“There’s only enough power for one trip,” Danny told Clara through the portal.

“Then come on,” Clara said impatiently from the other side. “Hurry up!”

“Just one trip,” Danny repeated. “One trip, one person.”

Danny turned to the little boy beside him. The one in the football shirt. The one he had killed all those years ago when he had fought as a soldier. He was the only one Danny was giving the hope to. The chance to live. Not himself.

Danny nudged the little boy to go forward and enter the light before him. The little boy was silent and feeling nervous. Danny reassured him it was alright. Eventually, the little boy walked forward and entered the light.

Danny saw the little boy disappear into the light. He could hear Clara’s voice saying, “Danny?” in eager anticipation. Oh how he wished he was entering the portal, wearing the bracelet on his wrist. How he wished he could see Clara on the other side of the portal. Not the little boy who was wearing the bracelet instead. But Danny didn’t regret his choice. He knew it was the right thing to do.

Once Danny knew the little boy had safely arrived on the other side, he told Clara through the portal. “You need to find his parents. He died a long time ago.”

Danny could hear the little boy taking a deep breath once he’d safely arrived on the other side. He could also sense Clara’s heartbreak from the other side of the portal. This pained him a great deal.

“I’m sorry, Clara,” Danny said before he started to cry. “I truly am. I had…” he struggled to say the words. “I had promises to keep.”

Danny heard the bracelet fall from the boy’s wrist. With that, the energy began to fizzle out and the portal began to close. Very soon, the white light faded away until it was there no more. Danny was alone now. Alone and unhappy.

The world began to darken around hm. Danny would soon be gone too. He closed his eyes as he began to recollect all the happy memories of his life before he died. These would include the happy times he had with Clara. He knew mistakes were made at both ends. But he didn’t want to think about that. He wanted to think of the happy smiling face Clara had and all of the good times they had shared.

Just then, Danny thought he could hear the TARDIS sound effect as it seemed to be materialising nearby. Danny thought he was dreaming at first but he decided to open his eyes to make sure.

When he opened his eyes, he found that the dark room he was in was changing into the interior of some cafe. No! It wasn’t a cafe. It was a diner. An American diner he was later to find out.

Danny looked around him. He began to wonder if it really was a dream he was having and whether he had gone to heaven – the real heaven mind. He’d been to American diners before but he hadn’t been to one in a long time.

He heard a door open from behind him. He turned around and saw coming out from a backroom (at least he thought it was a backroom) a young-looking waitress in blue and white. Danny seemed to recognise her. It took two seconds to realise who it was.

“Clara!” he exclaimed.

Clara beamed her most radiant smile at him before coming over to meet him.

“Hello Danny,” she said cheerfully. “I’m a year older since we last met.”

Danny was confused. “I-I don’t understand. How come you…?”

But Danny didn’t finish his questions, as he was immediately embraced by Clara and given a kiss on the lips by her.

Once Clara had finished kissing and embracing him, she looked at Danny and said, “It’s alright, Danny. Everything’s going to be alright now.”

Danny couldn’t help still be confused. “But…how can you…?” he began. “How come you…?”

Clara once again interrupted Danny’s questions and said, “Oh shut up, you! Don’t you get it? I’m here to rescue you! Just like the Doctor has rescued so many lives including mine.”

Danny found it a struggle to take it all in. “But Clara,” he said. “I’m supposed to be dead.”

“So am I,” Clara said confidentially. “But not anymore.”

Okay, Danny was even more confused. “What do you mean?” he asked.

“It’s a long story,” she said reassuringly. “I’ll tell you about it another time.”

Danny didn’t know whether to be happy or be perplexed more than ever.

Seeing Danny still confused, Clara said impatiently, “Oh come on, you idiot! Let’s go home!”

Danny thought this was the day he would actually die. That he would finally find peace.

But Danny smiled at Clara, as he decided, “Yeah! Why not?”

Clara smiled at Danny and said, “That’s more like it! Come on!”

Infected by Clara’s encouragement, he let her take his hand as they were about to go through the backdoor of the American diner.

“How did you even get here?” Danny asked. “And in a diner?”

Clara looked back at Danny and smiled. “Hey!” she said. “I’m the impossible girl! Anything’s possible with me!” Clara opened the backdoor before saying to Danny, “Come and meet my new friend inside!”

Very soon, Clara and Danny went in through the backdoor of the American diner. Danny had no idea what wonders he was to expect inside.

Eventually Clara’s American diner TARDIS dematerialised. It left the dark world of the Nethersphere that was dying altogether. Danny had been saved from his hell and was back in heaven. He’d got the hope and reward he deserved. He was back with Clara – the impossible girl!

‘Clara Oswald’ and ‘Danny Pink’ created by Steven Moffat

© Tim Bradley, 2018

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4 thoughts on “‘The Impossible Girl Returns’

  1. Timelord 007

    See this is what i mean Mr Moffat CHARACTER DRAMA, Tim that was beautifully written & gives a excellent pay off to these two characters, i could see & hear the characters which is a strength at your genius of writing great characters, don’t let Moffat read this he’ll be getting jealous at your tatents lol.

    Excellent short trip my friend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      Hi Simon.

      I seem to be a winner with you.

      Very pleased you enjoyed ‘The Impossible Girl Returns’. It’s only one scene but I wanted to write up my own ending for Series 9 and do a follow up to Clara and Danny’s characters. I felt this is what Clara should do when she had her own TARDIS and rescue Danny. I also wanted to write the last scene of ‘Death In Heaven’ with Clara and Danny from Danny’s point of view and it’s just as well I saw that episode recently to write this short story. Glad you enjoyed the character drama in this and that you could hear the characters.

      Thanks for you comments Simon and very pleased you enjoyed the story.

      Tim. 🙂


  2. Timelord007

    A short but brilliant short trip, you write great characters with real emotions where you feel the characters emotions & thoughts, your story’s always feature excellent written characters & why they motivated to do good or bad, if you ever write for Big Finish, here take my pre-order money.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      Thanks Simon.

      I think this is the first time I’ve ever written a story set during the Steven Moffat era of ‘Doctor Who’. I would like to write another story with Clara alongside either the Eleventh or Twelfth Doctors. It’ll be interesting to discover how I write the dynamic with either Clara with Eleven or Clara with Twelve.

      Tim. 🙂



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