‘The Popiz’



By Tim Bradley

Featuring the Tenth Doctor, Donna and Clara.

Set after ‘The Five Doctors At Christmas’.


The TARDIS materialises inside the shuttle bay of a space station. As the Doctor and Donna explore, they soon get attacked by a pop song that intends to take control of them. Can they survive ‘The Popiz’s effect with the help of fellow crewmember Clara Watson?

Link to ‘The Popiz’ in ‘The Paul Spragg ReCollections’ anthology on the ‘Divergent Wordsmiths’ website. Go to Page 122 to find the story.

‘Donna Noble’ created by Russell T. Davies
‘Clara Oswald’ created by Steven Moffat

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2 thoughts on “‘The Popiz’

  1. Timelord 007

    This was brilliant, Tim you never cease to amaze me my friend, your imagination flows with amazing stories, we’ve all heard a irritating pop song that annoys us (Doctor Who & The Pirates -I’m a Gallieyfrain Buccaneer ARRRGGGGHHHH).

    Well written characters, great inclusion of Clara very cleverly done that, tense & atmospheric i could hear the creaking noises of coldness on the space station with the sense of a entity possessing the station, that to me is good writing when you can feel the story & it’s surroundings.

    Just need get Catherine Tate record this as a short trip & you’ll be well away lol.

    Two excellent short trips, both very different type of adventures but both entertaining & enjoyable you truly are a very creative talent Mr Bradley, remember to mention me in future BF interviews when your syories are adapted.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      Hi Simon.

      I’ve still yet to hear ‘Doctor Who and the Pirates’, but I’m glad you enjoyed ‘The Popiz’ and found it brilliant. I had a fun time writing it. It did require doing a couple of rewrites in the process but it was all worth it. Glad you found this story brilliant and that you enjoyed the notion of a killer pop song in a ‘Doctor Who’ story.

      I’m pleased you liked how I included Clara and that you found it brilliantly done. It’d bothered that it hadn’t been explored in the TV series with Clara’s multiple aspects, so I thought it’d be great to explore it here with the Tenth Doctor and Donna. Very pleased you found the story tense and atmospheric when you read it and that you could hear the creaking noises of coldness on the space station. I can’t recall writing it like that but I’m glad you felt it like that.

      I had Jenna Coleman in mind to read the story should it ever be recorded as a Short Trip audio, but either her or Catherine Tate would be fitting choices as a narrator. 😀

      Very pleased you enjoyed ‘The Crimson Lion’ and ‘The Popiz’ recently. I hope you’ll enjoy ‘The Prime Factor’ next. I’m sure I’ll make mention of you in a BF interview should my stories ever get adapted. 😀

      Incidentally, I’ve finished ‘The Dimension Serpents’ with the Fourth Doctor and James Darby. Just need to check it over sometime before I schedule it to be posted on my blog.

      Thanks Simon.

      Tim. 🙂



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