‘City of Monsters’, Part Four, Epilogue


In the city of Grondor on Teruvada 16, a street is pilled with the ruins of the destroyed Chasm 35 control centre building. The street is empty and a howling wind echoes in the air. Everything seems to be dead and abandoned. No sign of life can’t exist in this now seemingly forgotten street. But just then, rubble begins to stir. A body pushes out from it. It turns out to be Ernpic, prince of the Nargdu, who has recovered from his fall from the tall building. He crawls way out from the rubble, gasping for air as he struggles to make his way through the ruins. Once out from the rubble and dusting himself off, Ernpic takes in his surroundings.

(breathlessly) “I…I’m…I’m alive! I…Ernpic…am alive!”

Ernpic groans as he tries to sit himself up. He then takes out the teleport device he used from his pocket. It beeps regularly.

“The…the teleport unit! It worked! I was able to teleport myself out when the building collapsed!” (Pause) “No sign of any other bodies here.”

Ernpic looks around before he spots something that shocks and disturbs him.

(shocked) “Father?” (Pause; calls) “Father!!!”

Ernpic crawls his way over to the other side of the street to reach his dead father Garnik crumbled underneath rubble. Ernpic struggles as he begins to lift the rubble off his father’s dead body.

“Hold on, father! Hold on! I’ll get this rubble off you! You’ll soon be free any minute!”

Ernpic finds the strain too much at first. But eventually, he manages to get most of the rubble off his father. He pulls his father out from the rubble and cradles him in his arms.

“Father? Father! Father, please wake up!” (Pause; cries) “Father!!!”

Ernpic shakes his father Garnik gently, but it’s of no use. Ernpic keeps on cradling his dead father King Garnik whilst he sits in the deserted city street. He begins to mourn the loss of his father.

(sobs; bitterly) “My precious father! Dead! My father…dead! And for what?” (Pause) “Because those humans got in the way!”

Ernpic’s sorrows slowly turn into anger. He screams with tormented rage.

(enraged) “My father’s dead!!! And those humans killed him!!!”

A moment of silence ensues. Ernpic cradles his father again, looking straight into his face.

“Have no fear, father!” (bitterly) “I declare vengeance on those puny human scum! They shall suffer for what they’ve done! All humans shall suffer for what they’ve done to me! To the Nargdu empire! Glory to Empire!”

Ernpic then cries out loud as if he were in pain.

(sobs) “But…I’m afraid. I do not know how to rebuild the Nargdu Empire. Glory to Empire! I don’t know…how I can live without you, father.” (Pause) “I must have allies. Find those loyal and willing to help. And I will find them! I am the new king! And I am certain that I will…”

Ernpic then stops as he hears marching footsteps coming from behind him. He turns around to see a group of metallic men marching towards him. They stomp in their footsteps as they march towards Ernpic.

“Soldiers! An army of soldiers!” (Pause) “Metal men! Coming to get me!”

Ernpic starts to panic as he drags his dead father with him to try and back away from the metal men. But the metal men gain upon Ernpic, getting closer.

(shouts) “Stay back! Stay back you! I demand you to stop! Stop now or I’ll…”

At Ernpic’s command, the metal men stop marching. They look with blank faces and Ernpic looks back at them.

(relieved) “That’s better. That’s more like it.” (Pause; insistently) “Now, who are you? What do you want? What are you doing in my city?!”

The leader of the metal men steps forward to speak to Ernpic.

“We were trapped inside the miniscope. Now we are released. We are free.”

(startled) “What? The miniscope? You know about the miniscope?” (Pause) “I ask you again! Who are you?! What do you want from me?!”

“You are in pain. You are suffering.”

(bitterly) “What do you expect?!” (Pause) WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?! My father’s dead and I have nothing left to live for! NOTHING!!!”

“We are help. We are here to help you. We are here to help you, Ernpic, Prince of the Nargdu.”

Another moment of silence ensues, as Ernpic becomes hopeful and triumphant.

“You…you are here to help me?” (Pause) “Just like I said. Just like I predicted.” (triumphantly) “I was right! I was right! I WAS RIGHT!!!”

Ernpic laughs out loud like a maniac whilst the Cybermen remain emotionless.

“Yes! Yes!!! I have power at last!!! I shall be victorious!!! The Nargdu shall be victorious again!!!” (to Cybermen) “Come, my friends! Come!!!” (laughs manically) “Share in our unity! Share in our new alliance! Long live my father! Long live the king! Long live Teruvada Sixteen!!! Long live the Nargdu Empire!!! GLORY TO EMPIRE!!!!!”

© Tim Bradley, 2019

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4 thoughts on “‘City of Monsters’, Part Four, Epilogue

  1. Timelord 007


    Seriously hope you writing this my friend because i love the Cybermen, I was right Ernpic survived but i didn’t expect the Cybermen…..OMG that’s a bloody brilliant shock twist please please say your writing this Tim you can’t tease us with a post credit teaser like this lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      Hi Simon.

      Glad you enjoyed the tease. Hehe.

      I’m afraid I’m not writing ‘Vault of the Cybermen’ next as there’s another Cybermen story I need to sort out first before I get to that one. But hopefully I’ll get to that one soon. Maybe James Darby will be in that one and get promoted to Sergeant. 😀

      Thanks Simon

      Tim. 🙂


    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      First it’ll be a story called ‘Neptune Connect’ with the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa and Billy against the Cybermen, then it’ll be ‘Vault of the Cybermen’ with the Sixth Doctor and hopefully with Peri and Jamie.

      Stay tuned!

      Tim. 🙂



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