‘The Pantomime of Death’ – Introduction


The second episode of this anthology is set on a London-like space station in the future called Nodnol. It’s about the Doctor, Nyssa and Billy solving the mystery of a deadly pantomime of ‘Cinderella’. This story by me and Stephen Buckley was a very happy collaboration from start to finish.

I invited Stephen to write a ‘Doctor Who’ episode with me after giving him a credit for ‘The Ghost of Leckwick’. He was happy to do a story with me and I sent him some ideas on what type of story he would like to work on with me. Eventually we agreed on doing ‘The Pantomime of Death’ story idea.

I wrote a plot and structure episode outline for us to work on and develop ideas with. Stephen and I acted out the story with the use of my MP3 player. Stephen played the Doctor and I played Nyssa and Billy. We also worked on the memory loss concepts that our regular characters go through here.

I recall Stephen and me struggling to come up with names for the main villain and the monsters in the story. I did suggest calling the main villain, ‘Halo Master’. Stephen and I laughed and mucked about with how silly that name was, before eventually deciding on Lord Trinnaus and the Larkanians.

‘The Pantomime of Death’ was finished in 2011. I enjoyed writing the episode with Stephen. The last scene is entirely penned by me, but most of the ideas featured in the episode were by me and him. This wasn’t the last time we did a ‘Doctor Who’ story, since we later did one with the Eighth Doctor.

TIM BRADLEY, December 2017

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