‘The Five Doctors At Christmas: The Five Doctors’ Story’


By Tim Bradley

Featuring the Second Doctor, the Fourth Doctor, the Fifth Doctor, the Seventh Doctor and the Tenth Doctor

The Second Doctor woke up as he found himself lying on a metallic floor. He groaned as he got up. He felt disorientated and confused about what was going on. He tried to think straight before coming to his senses and realising that he wasn’t aboard the train with Jamie and Zoe.

“Ooh, my giddy aunt,” the Second Doctor said.

He then looked around to see that he was inside some metallic corridor. He wondered if he was aboard a spaceship or something.

“Jamie; Zoe,” he called out. There was no answer.

Just then, the Second Doctor heard someone groan nearby. He looked to see that there was a man lying on the floor. The man had big, curly dark hair; wore a great coat and had a long, multi-coloured scarf wrapped around his neck. The man on the floor slowly got up from the floor, disorientated as much as the Second Doctor was.

“Oh my dear chap,” the Second Doctor said to the man. “Are you alright? Here let me help you up!”

The Second Doctor helped the curly-haired man up to his feet from the floor. The curly-haired man almost lost balance as he leaned on the Second Doctor for support. The Second Doctor could see that the curly-haired man was taller than he was.

The curly-haired man looked at the Second Doctor and put on a big toothy-grin. “Ah!” he then said. “The flautist, you’re here! I remember now! It’s all coming back to me this place!”

The Second Doctor realised that he had locked minds telepathically with the man before him. He knew who he was now.

“You’re me, aren’t you?” the Second Doctor said brightly. “I mean…another version of me from the future!”

“The fourth one, yes,” the Fourth Doctor confirmed. Then he asked, “Have you seen a young-looking girl around? Pretty she is. Her name’s Romana. I’ve also lost a dog too. A robot dog called K-9.”

“I’m sorry,” said the Second Doctor to the Fourth. “I’m here all by myself and have lost my two companions, Jamie and Zoe.”

“Ah, yes,” the Fourth Doctor said. “We seem to have lost our companions during these strange escapades on whatever this world is.”

At that moment, the Daleks appeared. The Second and Fourth Doctors backed away, as the Daleks came onto them.

“Stay where you are, Doctors,” the Dalek patrol leader of that group said to the two Doctors. “You will move and enter through that door! Move!”

The Daleks pointed their gun-sticks threateningly at the Second and Fourth Doctors. The Second and Fourth Doctor had little choice in the matter. They did as they were told and went through the door that was before them in the corridor.

They went through the door and found themselves meeting the Tenth Doctor inside the Daleks/Cybermen control room. The Master was there with him as well as the little boy Simon.

Meanwhile, the Fifth and Seventh Doctors were walking down a corridor aboard the Dalek/Cybermen base, not knowing where they were. They’d met once they’d woken up in the corridor after being brought to this place. They were now exploring and trying to find a way of knowing where they were.

“So,” the Seventh Doctor said to his Fifth self. “You’ve lost your two companions. Nyssa and Tegan, was it?”

“Nyssa and Billy actually,” the Fifth Doctor replied. “You seem to have lost someone as well.”

“Indeed,” the Seventh Doctor said. “Ace. I hope she’s alright. She was about to be attacked by some Cybermen aboard a spaceship when we discovered an alcove of people inside.”

“The same way that happened with my companions,” the Fifth Doctor said. “Although they were about to be attacked by Daleks in their base in New York and we discovered an alcove too.”

“It has something to do with that little boy we met on occasions similar to this,” the Seventh Doctor declared. “The little boy called Simon.”

“If this has happened before,” the Fifth Doctor said, “does that mean that there are more incarnations of us on this spacestation or spaceship, whatever it is?”

“It is possible,” the Seventh Doctor replied.

At that moment, Cybermen appeared behind them. They stomped towards them as the Fifth and Seventh Doctors were in the corridor.

“Cybermen,” the Fifth Doctor declared.

“After you, I take it,” the Seventh Doctor offered.

“Run,” the Fifth Doctor said urgently, as he and the Seventh Doctor ran down the corridor…only to run into more Cybermen in front of them.

They attempted to run the other way, but the Fifth and Seventh Doctor got caught in the grip of the Cybermen they ran into. They groped in pain once held by their strong metallic fingers.

“Alright, alright,” the Fifth Doctor said through pain. “You have us! We get the idea!”

“We surrender,” the Seventh Doctor said through pain. “You’ve made your point.”

But the Cybermen didn’t let go of the two Doctors. Instead, the Cyber Lieutenant leading the group said, “You are required at control operations on this base. You will come with us!”

Unable to protest, the Fifth and Seventh Doctors found themselves dragged by the Cybermen out of the corridor they were in and they were led to their control room.

They eventually reached the door leading into where the control room of their base of operations was.

“I hope the answers to all of our questions will come now,” said the Seventh Doctor grimly.

“So do I,” said the Fifth Doctor. “So do I.”

The door opened and the Fifth and Seventh Doctors were pushed through into the control room by the Cybermen. They saw Daleks, as well as the Second and Fourth Doctors with the Tenth Doctor. The little boy Simon was there too as well as the Master who laughed away…

The five Doctors – the Second, Fourth, Fifth, Seventh and Tenth – faced the Daleks and Cybermen before them in their base of operations’ control room. The Master stood there, gloating menacingly at the five incarnations of his old rival. Simon was afraid as he stood by the Tenth Doctor with the other four Doctors in the room.

“So,” the Master gloated. “All five of you are here at last! It’s a shame we couldn’t get all of you Doctors in the same room. But I suppose five is enough!”

“I hope it’s because my latest incarnation was able to outwit you and your Dalek/Cybermen friends,” the Tenth Doctor retorted.

“You know that already don’t you, Doctor,” the Master said spitefully. “Besides it won’t matter. You will all die with the confusion in your timelines now that we’ve placed you here on this planet!”

“Would someone please explain what this is all about!” the Second Doctor demanded.

“Agreed,” the Seventh Doctor added. “I feel apprehensive without knowing what’s going to happen after my involvement with this matter.”

“I suggest we all put our heads together for a conference,” the Fourth Doctor suggested.

“Couldn’t have put it any better myself,” the Fifth Doctor agreed. “I was going to suggest that!”

“So was I,” said the Tenth Doctor.

The five Doctors in the room closed their eyes together with the Second saying “Contact!” then the Fourth: “Contact”, then the Fifth: “Contact!”, then the Seventh: “Contact!” and finally the Tenth: “Contact!”

All five Doctors went through their telepathic conference, as there was much buzzing to and fro with them collating their experiences of the planet Christmas, little boy Simon, the Daleks, the Cybermen and the Master all together.

Finally, they all finished and opened their eyes up to face the Master with the Daleks and the Cybermen in the room.

“Well,” the Second Doctor then said. “That’s put us in the picture very nicely!”

“I’m so pleased you five had your mental conference,” the Master said, not genuine in his statement at all.

“I’m surprised you didn’t stop us when we had our telepathic conference, Master,” the Tenth Doctor pointed out.

“I told you before, Doctors,” the Master said. “It doesn’t matter. You are all to be destroyed by this convolution in your timelines. My plans with the Daleks and the Cybermen will succeed and little boy Simon is the key.”

Simon backed away as the Master gazed menacingly at him.

“You will surrender to the Daleks,” the Dalek leader declared. “You five Doctors will cooperate in our plans for universal domination!”

“And the Cybermen will succeed in the conquest of the universe with the total conversion of all life-forms into us,” the Cyber Leader stated.

“What’s all this got to do with the little boy, Simon?” the Fourth Doctor wanted to know. “Aren’t we entitled to know about that?”

“Well,” the Master replied, “since you so kindly asked. Little boy Simon holds the secret formula of a special weapon used in the Earth Empire of the 26th century!”

“What?!” the Second Doctor said, shocked. “How can a little boy like Simon know of a secret formula to a special weapon?”

“And how come you came to know that Simon had this formula especially at his age,” the Fifth Doctor asked. “Nine years old, I take it.”

“That’s not for you to know about,” the Master retorted. “All that matters is, I want that formula! So do the Daleks and the Cybermen! Thus…we’ve agreed to work together!”

“But why do you need us five?” the Seventh Doctor asked. “We’re not clear as to what our purpose in all of this is?”

“The alcoves,” Simon simply said to them.

The five Doctors looked at Simon in astonishment. It took time for the five Doctors to work out, but very soon they realised.

“Ah,” the Fourth Doctor declared. “Those alcoves provide the sources of power for you to generate a trans-dimensional portal into the 26th century where Dalek and Cybermen forces can initiate their attack on Earth. The people inside those alcoves are cells of powers where their living tissue gets dissolved.”

“That’s vile,” the Fifth Doctor stated, “even for you, Master! Why couldn’t you use your TARDIS to generate the power that you want?”

“He doesn’t have a TARDIS,” the Tenth Doctor announced. “He’s using mine at this point!”

“Top marks, Doctor,” the Master said gleefully. “Top marks!”

“What?!” the Second Doctor said shocked. “The Master stole your TARDIS, Doctor!”

“How come you let this happen?” the Seventh Doctor asked.

“Long story,” the Tenth Doctor said. “You’ll find out soon enough.”

The Dalek leader then interrupted the exchange between the five Doctors and the Master. “You Doctors will monitor the alcoves and sustain their power levels whilst our Dalek forces and the Cybermen achieve their invasion of 26th century Earth!”

“The invasion will be a success,” the Cyber leader stated. “All variables have been accounted for!”

“What makes you think we’re going to help you,” the Seventh Doctor challenged them.

“Because…” the Master began, and he flicked on five monitor switches at this point. “We have your companions exactly at the death points we’ve initiated for them in order for you to co-operate. They’re at the five alcove points where you left them…”

“You mean where you snatched us out,” the Fifth Doctor pointed out.

The Master ignored the Fifth Doctor and continued, “…and the Daleks and Cybermen will have no hesitation in killing your companions if you refuse to cooperate with us!”

“So when Donna was put back where your Daleks and Cybermen found me and her,” the Tenth Doctor began to ask, “it was where the fifth alcove of people were? It was in that foggy street somewhere?”

“Must you state the obvious, Doctor,” the Master said irritably. “Of course it was.”

“We refuse to help you,” the Second Doctor said and the Fourth, Fifth and Seventh Doctors nodded their agreement.

“Refusal is unacceptable,” the Dalek leader stated. “Resist and your companions will die!”

The five Doctors saw their companions on the monitor screens: Jamie, Zoe, Romana, K-9, Nyssa, Billy, Ace and Donna increasingly in trouble by Daleks and Cybermen.

As the Master, the Daleks and the Cybermen threatened their companions’ lives, the five Doctors gathered together to converge with one another.

“What are you doing?” the Dalek leader demanded.

“Just having a private conference,” the Tenth Doctor said cheerfully. “We’ll be a second!”

At that, the five Doctors gathered together for their mental conference. The Master, getting agitated and apprehensive, advanced on the five Doctors.

“Doctors,” he began. “Whatever you’re doing, stop it now! You won’t be able to get out of this one so easily! Submit to the Daleks, Cybermen and to me now!”

Eventually however, the five Doctors turned back to the Master, finishing their telepathic conference.

“It’s okay,” the Tenth Doctor said. “We’re done!”

The Master was startled. If the Daleks and Cybermen were startled, they certainly didn’t show it through their metal appearance.

“You’re…done with your telepathic conference?” the Master asked.

“He said we’d be a second,” the Fourth Doctor said, indicating the Tenth Doctor.

“And we were,” the Fifth Doctor added.

The Tenth Doctor grinned cheekily, as did the Second, Fourth, Fifth and Seventh Doctors.

“What did you do?” the Master asked them, getting more agitated by this point. “Tell me what you have done?!”

If only the Master knew what was going on in that telepathic conference between the five Doctors. But this line of enquiry was interrupted, as something was happening on the monitor screens with the companions in the five alcove areas.

“Alert, alert,” the Dalek leader announced. “Five TARDISes materialising in five alcove areas on the planet Christmas!”

“Confirmed!” the Cyber Leader reported. “The five TARDISes have materialised around the companions in each of the five alcove areas.”

The Master looked to see. This was true. As they watched the monitor screens, there was a TARDIS in each of the five alcove areas on the planet Christmas. One TARDIS materialised around Jamie and Zoe aboard the steam train; one TARDIS materialised around Romana and K-9 in the English village; one TARDIS materialised around Nyssa and Billy in New York; one TARDIS materialised around Ace aboard the spaceship and one TARDIS materialised around Donna in the surburban street area where little boy Simon’s dream home was.

The Daleks and Cybermen in each of their five areas opened fire on the five TARDISes that materialised. But the five TARDISes were indestructible to the Daleks and Cybermen’s firepower in those areas.

“Ah,” the Seventh Doctor announced happily. “It worked. I’m surprised it did.”

“Indeed,” the Fifth Doctor added. “I didn’t think the mind powers of us five would be enough.”

“Perhaps someone should change the old proverb,” the Fourth Doctor suggested. “Five heads are better than two!”

The Master turned angrily on the five Doctors, who slightly backed away from his anger for a brief moment.

“What have you Doctors done?!” the Master demanded angrily. “Tell me what you’ve done!”

“Oh it’s quite simple,” the Tenth Doctor began to explain. “We couldn’t let you harm our companions, so we went for the last option.”

“The last option?” the Master enquired.

“Yes,” the Seventh Doctor said. “You Master confirmed that not all incarnations of us Doctors were here. And you stated that this chap…” he indicated the Tenth Doctor. “…was not the latest incarnation for us in our timeline!”

“So therefore,” the Fifth Doctor continued, “we went for an option that we would rarely use. We made contact with our last incarnation of the Doctor!”

“You did what?!” the Master demanded.

“Yes,” the Fourth Doctor confirmed. “By breaking all the laws of time, we five Doctors sent a message to our latest self. And he…or she…it’s hard to tell…gave us the help we needed by going back in time to when we were at our TARDISes before these extraordinary excursions on the planet Christmas happened.”

“That’s right,” the Second Doctor continued. “That future Doctor of ours pre-set the TARDIS to rescue our companions at the point when they were in danger from the Daleks and the Cybermen. Thus the five TARDISes as you saw materialised around them. They’re completely protected against the Daleks and Cybermen’s power.”

“You cannot do this!” the Dalek leader stated.

“It is illogical,” the Cyber Leader added.

“The Daleks and Cybermen are right,” the Master stated. “You Doctors can’t break the laws of time like this!”

“Why not? You did,” pointed out the Tenth Doctor. “You should be on Earth in the 21st century or on Utopia in the year 100 trillion. If you can break out of your limitation of travelling in time and space, why can’t we five Doctors?!”

The Master was red in the face at this point. But he wasn’t going to give up.

“You still haven’t beaten us yet, Doctors,” the Master pointed out. “The Daleks and the Cybermen have invasion fleets waiting to enter the trans-dimensional portal I have to invade 26th century Earth and using little boy Simon as the key!”

“The power in the five alcoves is enough for our purposes,” the Dalek leader announced. “We shall be triumphant and victorious!”

“You cannot stop us,” the Cyber Leader stated. “You have no back-up plan!”

“Actually I think you’ll find that we do,” the Seventh Doctor said.

“We actually sent another message to our future self by this point,” the Fifth Doctor added.

At that moment, five TARDISes materialised inside the Dalek/Cybermen base. They all materialised around the five Doctors each in turn.

“Alert! Alert!” the Dalek leader said. “Five TARDISes materialising in base of operations!”

“The Doctors must not escape!” the Cyber leader said.

“Doctors,” the Master shouted. “NO!!! You can’t leave like this! Get back here now! NOW!!!”

But it was too late. The five TARDISes with the Doctor and companions inside departed as it dematerialised out of the Daleks/Cybermen base of operations. Little boy Simon became worried as he saw the five TARDISes go.

“Don’t leave, Doctors,” little boy Simon said. “The bad guys will kill me! Don’t leave…”

The Master, the Daleks and the Cybermen quickly advanced their plans forwards.

“Daleks; Cybermen,” the Master said urgently. “Send your invasion fleets into 26th century Earth! The trans-dimensional portal is already open! Send them through immediately!”

“We will do as you suggest,” the Dalek leader said, not to be intimidated by the Master.

“We concur,” the Cyber leader said. “Cyber fleets along with Dalek fleets are being sent through now!”

Just then, a large holographic viewing screen switched on in the centre of the room. The Master, the Daleks and the Cybermen saw that the invasion fleets of Daleks and Cybermen were being sent through the trans-dimensional portal into 26th century Earth, arranged for by the Master.

“You can’t stop us now!” the Master said triumphantly. “The Daleks and Cybermen will succeed! And I shall soon have mastery of all!”

Simon looked up to see the Master’s face. He could tell the Master was straining with doubt, as he looked apprehensive and tense. Simon hoped the Doctors would stop him, the Daleks and the Cybermen in time.

At that moment, the Daleks, Cybermen and the Master got interrupted as five voices called out, “Excuse me!”

They all looked to see the monitors where the five alcoves were. The five Doctors were all in the places where they first visited the planet Christmas. The Second Doctor was aboard the train; the Fourth Doctor was in the English village; the Fifth Doctor was in New York; the Seventh Doctor was aboard the spaceship and the Tenth Doctor was in the foggy street.

It did occur to the Master to wonder how the Daleks and Cybermen in those five areas didn’t attempt to kill the five Doctors in each of their alcove areas. The Master eventually surmised that it was a forcefield protecting the Doctors via the use of their TARDISes.

The Master addressed the five monitors aggressively once he saw the Doctors. “Doctors,” he said. “If you don’t surrender yourselves to me; the Daleks and the Cybermen…” At that moment, he grabbed the little boy Simon and showed him in front of the Doctors on the monitor screens. “…I’ll have this little boy Simon exterminated and deleted by Daleks and Cybermen. It’s your choice!”

But the five Doctors didn’t seem bothered by the Master’s threat.

“We know you won’t kill the little boy Simon,” the Second Doctor said.

“You need him as the key to your invasion of 26th century Earth,” the Fourth Doctor said.

“Besides,” the Fifth Doctor said. “We’ve sorted out your invasion forces of Daleks and Cybermen already!”

“You shouldn’t have let us get away so easily,” the Seventh Doctor said. “You should have been more prepared for this. Then we wouldn’t be able to outwit you!”

“But that comes when you’re limited in time-travel doesn’t it, Master!” the Tenth Doctor added.

“What are you talking about?!” the Master demanded to know.

Suddenly, the Daleks went into a panic. “Alert! Alert!” the Dalek leader said. “Invasion forces are disintegrating! They are disintegrating!”

The Master looked and saw that the trans-dimensional portal he had created was closing. And it was crushing the Dalek and Cybermen invasion forces into a singularity.

The Cyber Leader stated, “Our invasion has failed. The Cybermen and Dalek invasion forces are destroyed!”

The Master turned back to the five Doctors on the monitor screen. “How can you have done this, Doctors?! How did you destroy the invasion fleet?!”

“We cut off the supply of power in these alcoves,” the Seventh Doctor stated. “We’ve given the people in these alcoves their lives back!”

“And you can’t think of re-opening that trans-dimensional portal,” the Fifth Doctor added. “The stresses of power losses will be too much for that and it’ll be already too late.”

“The TARDIS you’re using,” the Tenth Doctor said, “…my TARDIS…” he added, “If I know the old girl, she’ll do everything to defend herself against the likes of you, Master.”

“So you see,” the Fourth Doctor added. “You can’t have it all fun and games at your end! Even with that little boy Simon.”

“Especially when it comes to Christmas,” the Second Doctor added.

In the control room of the base of operations, the Daleks turned to the Cybermen. “If the Daleks and Cybermen have failed,” the Dalek leader said. “Then we shall all be destroyed!”

“Exterminate!” all the Daleks chanted.

“Delete!” declared the Cybermen.

With that, the Daleks and the Cybermen exterminated and deleted one another. The Master paid no heed to this chaos around him with the Daleks and the Cybermen. He noticed too that the Daleks and Cybermen were exterminating each other in the alcove areas on the planet Christmas, with each of the five Doctors watching them.

The Master then grabbed Simon and threatened his life to the five Doctors on the monitor screens. “Your victory will be shallow, Doctors,” he said. “I’ve got the little boy Simon here and now!”

But the Master didn’t anticipate Simon attempting to escape, as Simon bit his hand to set him free. The Master cried out in pain, whilst the little boy Simon ran away from the ensuing chaos of Daleks and Cybermen exterminating one another.

The Master, realising his failure in this operation, tried to escape as he headed off back to where the Tenth Doctor’s TARDIS (the one he acquired from Utopia in the year 100 trillion) was. The Tenth Doctor knew where the Master was heading. And he knew he would have defeated him by the time he got there.

Later on, the five Doctors managed to rescue Simon and escape from the planet Christmas with their companions in their TARDISes. They soon met each other on a nearby planet to watch as the Daleks and Cybermen destroyed each other and the planet Christmas blew itself up.

Simon was sad. Despite all the bullying he had received from the Daleks, the Cybermen and the Master, he had enjoyed the worlds of Christmas created for him that were to trap the five Doctors in turn. The five Doctors reassured Simon that he would get back home to continue celebrating Christmas with his family. The Tenth Doctor promised to take Simon back home himself as well as to send a message to his fifth self in order for them to succeed in stopping the Daleks, the Cybermen and the Master in their plans. The Fifth Doctor also promised to send a message to his seventh self too.

They all said goodbye to each other, with the five Doctors returning to their companions in their TARDISes and the Tenth Doctor taking Simon back. It was only fair for the five Doctors to say to everyone in the universe, “A Merry Christmas to all of you at home!”

‘Jamie McCrimmon’ originally conceived by Elwyn Jones and Gerry Davis
‘Zoe Heriot’ originally conceived by Derrick Sherwin
‘Romana’ and ‘K-9’ originally conceived by Graham Williams
‘Nyssa of Traken’ originally created by Johnny Byrne
‘Billy Walker’ created by Tim Bradley
‘Ace’ originally created by Ian Briggs
‘Donna Noble’ created by Russell T. Davies
‘Daleks’ created by Terry Nation
‘Cybermen’ created by Kit Pedler and Gerry Davies

© Tim Bradley, 2017

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2 thoughts on “‘The Five Doctors At Christmas: The Five Doctors’ Story’

  1. Williams Fan 92

    Hi Tim.

    I had fun reading ‘The Five Doctors At Christmas’. All six stories were well-written. I liked how you wrote the five Doctors working together, just like in the official ‘The Five Doctors’. It was interesting to see the Master joining forces with both the Daleks and the Cybermen.

    I do have one gripe though. I noticed a few continuity errors. The Second and Fourth Doctors referenced ‘The Five Doctors’ when for them this takes place before ‘The Five Doctors’ as the Second Docotr noted then that Jamie and Zoe had been returned home by the Time-Lords and the Fourth Doctor is travelling with Romana 1 here whereas in ‘The Five Doctors’ he was travelling with Romana 2. Are the Ferutu and the Adjudicators from ‘Cold Fusion’. If so then the Seventh Doctor hasn’t experienced that yet according to his timelines. Despite that though, I still liked the story. This was my first experience of the Romana that was played by Mary Tamm. I don’t know when I’ll get around to watching ‘The Key To Time’ saga, but next year I hope to purchase the Target abridged novel of ‘The Pirate Planet’.

    I am halfway through ‘The Ghosts of Leckwick’ (not Lerwick as I’ve been calling it). Hopefully I’ll have finished it by tomorrow so that I can share my thoughts on it then. I’ve been thinking of doing a series of Fifth Doctor fanfictions like your ones if I do start up a blog next year. I will be using Nyssa and Tegan as companions as well as the companion of Michael Anderson as you’ve been reading in some of my fanfics on Whofic.com. I’ll explain more tomorrow.

    Take care, WF92.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      Hi WF92,

      Glad you enjoyed ‘The Five Doctors at Christmas’. It’s been a while since I last wrote it. I enjoyed writing it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the story.

      Oops. Thanks for pointing out those continuity errors. I don’t know what I was thinking. I think I might’ve been trying to be too clever when the Second and Fourth Doctors mind-read each other in relation to ‘The Five Doctors’. Also the Seventh Doctor’s timeline keeps changing every time I come across it. I’ll look into these errors and see if I can edit them out for consistency’s sake.

      Looking forward to your thoughts on ‘The Ghost of Leckwick’ soon.

      Tim 🙂

      Liked by 1 person


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