‘Time Burp’ – Introduction

Welcome to ‘Time Burp’! And yes, I’m sure I surprised you with what this story of ‘The Fifth Doctor by Tim Bradley’ series entails by looking at the front cover. This is a little two-part mini-episode story I wrote in November 2012 before I wrote the third episode of the ‘Merry Christmas’ anthology.

I wanted to write a mini-‘Doctor Who’ story in the style of the Children-In-Need specials such as ‘Time Crash’; the Comic Relief specials such as ‘Space’/’Time’ and ‘The Sarah Jane Adventures’ Comic Relief special, ‘From Raxacoricofallapatorius With Love’. And I wanted Harry Hill to be in it. 😀

I’m quite a fan of Harry Hill’s comedic work especially in his former ITV show, ‘TV Burp’, which made mockeries of TV shows during each week his show was on. And I essentially based my mini-story on the format Harry Hill’s ‘TV Burp’ show went along, with some in-jokes and references throughout it.

It helped with knowing Harry Hill made some funny ‘Doctor Who’ jokes in his shows too, especially in the ‘Alien Fun Capsule’ TV show with Peter Davison recently. If you know Harry Hill and how ‘TV Burp’ worked, then you should be able to enjoy this adventure. If not, I’m sure you will still enjoy it.

This was quite a bit of fun for me to write this two-part mini-story featuring the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa and Billy facing a Harry Hill-type character in the TARDIS. It was longer when I originally wrote it and I had to cut out some scenes to make it shorter. Otherwise, this should be an entertaining excursion.

TIM BRADLEY, November 2018.

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