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Welcome to ‘The Works of Sarah Sutton’ page!

I’ve been writing reviews on my profile on many ‘Doctor Who’ stories and other TV shows; films and audio dramas that I’ve enjoyed. I’ve also enjoyed the non-‘Doctor Who’-related works of Sarah Sutton before and after he was well-known as Nyssa of Traken in the TV series.

As part of ‘The Nyssa Challenge’ page, this sub-page is where I will post DVD and CD reviews of the works of Sarah Sutton including ‘Alice Through The Looking Glass’, ‘The Moon Stallion’, ‘The Jarillion Mercy’, ‘TravelWise’, the ‘Soldiers of Love’ CD series, etc.

Please feel free to take part in the discussions on the works of Sarah Sutton and to comment on my reviews. I’d greatly value feedback on my reviews for these stories so long as it is positive and not too critical.

Click on the images on the left of each TV/audio production Sarah had done to access the review(s).


Tim. 🙂

‘Alice Through The Looking Glass’ (1973)

Sarah Sutton stars as Alice in the BBC TV movie of ‘Alice Through The Looking Glass’ by Lewis Carroll. The film also stars Brenda Bruce, Judy Parfitt, Freddie Jones and Geoffrey Bayldon.

‘The Moon Stallion’ (1978)

Sarah Sutton stars as Diana Purwell, a blind girl, in this children’s TV fantasy drama serial called ‘The Moon Stallion’ by Brian Hayles. The TV serial also stars David Haig as the villainous Todman.

‘Myth Makers: Sarah Sutton’ (1994)

Sarah Sutton is interviewed by Nicholas Briggs for her ‘Myth Makers’ in 1986 and 1994.

‘Myth Makers: Peter Grimwade’ (1994)

Sarah Sutton reads extracts of Peter Grimwade’s ‘Doctor Who’ novelizations of ‘Time-Flight’ and ‘Mawdryn Undead’ as well as his sci-fi book ‘Robot’ for his ‘Myth Makers’ in 1994.

‘Soldiers of Love’ (1999-2005)

Sarah Sutton guest stars as Colonel Franklyn in this 14-part sci-fi comedy drama series with Nicholas Courtney, Colin Baker, Anna Karen, Gareth Thomas, etc.

‘TravelWise’ (2000)

Sarah Sutton stars as Sharon in this educational drama video about transport safety and the environment. This educational drama also features Nicholas Courtney, Nicola Bryant, Colin Baker and Peter Miles in it.

‘An Englishman on Gallifrey’ (2001)

Sarah Sutton joins Mark Strickson and Bonnie Langford as they attend the twelfth regeneration of ‘Gallifrey One’ in Los Angeles, February 2001.

‘Wirrn: Race Memory’ (2001)

Sarah Sutton stars as Sarah in an audio adventure where she faces the Wirrn from ‘The Ark in Space’. Keith Drinkel from ‘Time-Flight’ guest stars in this audio adventure.

 ‘Zagreus’ (2003)

The 40th anniversary special of ‘Doctor Who’ features Sarah Sutton not as Nyssa, but as a supporting character called Miss Foster with Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann and many others.

‘The Jarillion Mercy’ (2006)

The voyages of Asaria of the starship Jarillion begin here. Sarah Sutton reads this wonderful audiobook by Rob Brown.

 ‘The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot’ (2013)

Sarah Sutton makes a cameo in this 50th anniversary spoof special of ‘Doctor Who’ by Peter Davison, starring Peter Davison; Colin Baker; Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann.

dsab043_devilcat_1417resampled_cover_large ‘The Devil Cat’ (‘Dark Shadows’) (2014)

Sarah Sutton guest stars in this audio drama of ‘Dark Shadows’ by Big Finish, starring Jerry Lacy and Lara Parker. Sarah plays a Miss Marple-type character called Miss Emma Simon in the story..

 ‘Hostage’ (‘Star Cops’) (2018)

Sarah Sutton guest stars as Mary Ward in the eighth episode of the ‘Mother Earth’ saga in the ‘Star Cops’ audio series by Big Finish. This audio episode also stars David Calder, Trevor Cooper, Linda Newton, Philip Olivier and Rahkee Thakrar.

‘The Age of the Death Lottery‘ (‘Timeslip’) (2020)

Sarah Sutton makes her debut as Charlotte Trent in the ‘Timeslip’ series, joining Spencer Banks as Simon Randall and Cheryl Burfield as Liz Skinner in ‘The Age of the Death Lottery’.

‘The War That Never Was’ (‘Timeslip’) (2020)

The ‘Timeslip’ series continues in the audio world of Big Finish as Spencer Banks as Simon, Cheryl Burfield as Liz and Sarah Sutton as Charlotte encounter ‘The War That Never Was’.

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6 thoughts on “The Works of Sarah Sutton

    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      Yes I am. I’m planning to review the series for December. I’ve got the ‘Timeslip’ TV series on DVD and I have the first box set with Sarah in it as a download by Big Finish. Hopefully by the time the second box set is out in June, I’ll get to review the ‘Timeslip’ series from beginning to end (both TV and audio). Looking forward to it.

      Thanks for asking.

      Tim. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Media Lover

    Just to add to my comment above, I like the way this page has been constructed. It really represents how much of a fan you are of Sarah since you have included all of her non-DW works in it.

    This actually brings me onto something regarding her that I think I should share with you. In a couple of DW fan forums, I saw comments of people claiming that Deborah Watling wrote in her autobiography Daddy’s Girl that she once attended a convention with Sarah and Lalla Ward and that the latter two badmouthed Matthew Waterhouse during it. I am not 100% sure if she actually wrote this as I have not read the book, but if it is then here are my thoughts. In the case of Ward, I am unsure and besides, she has been working with Matt at Big Finish in recent years she they may get on now. As for Sarah, I can safely say that this seems even less likely in case. Even if Deborah did write that in her book, there is much proof that Sarah got on alright with Matt both in the 80’s and to this day. There is also the phrase ‘Don’t believe everything you read’. She generally doesn’t sound like the kind of person that would badmouth any decent human being. What’s more, it seems weird that Deborah Watling wrote that she did this yet she has happily appeared in photographs with Sarah. However, I don’t think she should get any hate because I have heard her in interviews and she doesn’t sound like the kind of person that would lie about someone, not to mention that she’s dead and can’t speak for herself.

    I’m sorry if I have gone on a bit, but I just thought this was worth mentioning. I am also anxious to hear your thoughts on this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      Hi ML.

      Hmm. Thanks for sharing that with me. I’ve not read Debbie Watling’s ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ autobiography yet to be sure on whether she said Sarah Sutton and Lalla Ward perhaps ‘bad mouthed’ Matthew Waterhouse. I don’t think that’s the sort of thing Sarah and Lalla would do and maybe it’s been taken out of context by the fans on the forums you mentioned in terms of what Debbie wrote in her autobiography. Also, it would have to depend on what year the convention took place as it may have taken place before Sarah and Lalla worked with Matthew again on the Big Finish audios. Also, Sarah and Lalla probably said things about Matthew in jest and had some affection towards him when saying such things in relation to working with him on ‘Doctor Who’. I can’t be sure and I would need to read Debbie’s autobiography to be certain. I don’t think it’s done maliciously on Debbie’s part whether she wrote it like that in her autobiography or not. I also don’t think it would have been done maliciously on Sarah and Lalla’s parts either. People take these things out of context and I wouldn’t want to judge Sarah, Lalla and Debbie harshly on what they’ve said and done regarding Matthew. I’ve met all four people concerned and they come across as very friendly people. There may be elements of truth in what was said between Sarah and Lalla at a convention and what Debbie wrote in her autobiography, but I can’t judge it too severely.

      Hope you found my thoughts on the matter fair enough. Glad you like how I’ve put together ‘The Works of Sarah Sutton’ page.

      Tim. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ace trakenite

        Incase you or anyone else is still interested, I read through Deborah Watling’s autobiography and this is what she said:

        ‘I did a convention with her [Lalla Ward] in the States where we shared the stage, alongside Sarah Sutton, who was Peter’s assistant. Well, the three of us were chatting along quite merrily in front of the two thousand or so attendees, until the name Matthew Waterhouse was mentioned. I had never heard of him, but Lalla and Sarah had, and they slated him. I have never seen two ladies so vitriolic about one person. They went on and on. I didn’t say a word, but felt my temper beginning to rise. No matter how much you dislike a fellow actor, you don’t launch into a character assassination on stage before all the fans. It’s just not the done thing. We finished the panel, then retired to the bar for a drink.
        “How do you think that went?” asked Lalla.
        “How do I think it went?” I replied, hand firmly on my drink. “I think the pair of you acted atrociously. Your behaviour was disgusting.”
        “What do you mean?” said Lalla, puzzled. “I don’t know what you’re talking about!”
        “Yes you do,” I continued. “When you were talking about Matthew. You should never, ever slate another actor like that; it’s not professional.”
        Realisation dawned on the two of them.
        “I’m going to walk away now,” I said, “because I am so furious and need to calm down.”
        “I’m so, so sorry,” frowned Sarah.
        Sarah is a lovely girl, and I think in truth she had just been following Lalla’s lead on stage. Both
        ladies apologised and that was the end of the matter; we were friends again. But I stand up for my principles.’

        Take that how you like…

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