Welcome to the ‘Zorbius’ series!

Here on this page, I’ll be posting my series of ‘Doctor Who’ stories featuring all of the Doctors featured in the TV series. At this stage, it’ll be from William Hartnell to Jodie Whittaker and including John Hurt. This was originally my 50th anniversary celebration series of ‘Doctor Who’ back in 2013. 🙂

As I upload this series of ‘Doctor Who’ stories, I’ll be updating my current 11 stories in the ‘Zorbius’ series as well as adding three new stories featuring John Hurt, Peter Capaldi and Jodie Whittaker’s Doctors. There’s bound to more stories with future Doctors. Stay tuned for any new ‘Zorbius’ stories.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my ‘Zorbius’ series of ‘Doctor Who’ stories as I post them to my blog!

Tim. 🙂

‘The Zondor Robbers’

The First Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan visit Rotenhend Hotel 360 in the 36th century and meet the rude hotel manager Gordon Rotenhend. They also discover the Zorbius crystal for the first time at the hotel. Can they stop the Zondor Robbers?

‘The Deepening Rain’

The Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe visit the planet Saron. The Doctor’s been here before. But the kingdom of Riseford is under a terrible threat. Can the TARDIS trio survive the dreaming with the help of Charoc in order to escape the Skeletrons?

‘The Matter of Reality’

On a day trip to a circus, the Third Doctor, Jo and Mike Yates discover some strange and mysterious occurrences that involve reality. Can they with the Brigadier, Sgt. Benton and U.N.I.T. stop the menace of Salvador and his disciples on 20th century Earth?

‘The Hunters of Doom’

On the planet Anothea in the constellation of Cassio, the Fourth Doctor, Leela and K-9 have a holiday at the Moriston Hotel. But menace strikes when the deadly Hunters led by Sharic Par attack and kill people. Can the Doctor and his friends stop these evil forces?

‘The Mirror of Memory’

Billy Walker wakes up to find himself at Cranleigh Hall in 1926. He meets Lord Cranleigh and his wife Lady Ann, who looks like his girlfriend Nyssa. Billy attempts to find the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa and learn what’s become of them. Can Lord Cranleigh and Lady Ann help Billy?

‘The End Dilemma’

A space station at the end of the universe – scattered with the remains of the dead. The Sixth Doctor and Peri visit and meet an old scientist working on a final experiment. Can the Doctor make a bold sacrifice or will his actions mean the end of everything?

‘The Game of Delta’

The city of Maputo in Mozambique, Earth, 2013! The Seventh Doctor is expecting the Cybermen to turn up. He plans to use Ace as a pawn against them. The Doctor also bumps into his old friend – Delta of Chumeria. Will she help the Doctor and Ace repel the Cyber invasion?

‘The Infinity Planet’

The Davastos Empire and the Grealan Empire are at war with each other. The Eighth Doctor and Jen visit the planet Davastos to meet Lord Scottos who runs the city state of Klingas. Can the saga of the Zorbius star crystal be at its tipping point? Can everyone have pizza?

‘The Nightmare of the Warrior’

The War Doctor meets a terrifying warlord called Lou-Arms who wants to challenge him to an endless fight. As the fight proceeds, there is more to it than the Doctor realises. He has to make the bold choice to end the fight and deal with a dangerous, dark foe.

‘The Child of Death’

A young boy attacks the city of London at night with a deadly weapon. In the TARDIS, the Ninth Doctor detects the life-force of the Zorbius crystal reawakening nearby. Soon he, Rose and Captain Jack return to Earth to investigate the child of death in London.

‘The Forest of Magicians’

The Tenth Doctor takes Donna Noble to the alien planet of Migra-Minor. There they meet a little girl on the run from some monsters. They head off to the Archive Store building where the Doctor has a spot of unfinished business concerning the Zorbius crystal.

‘The Horror of Time’

As a taxi driver drives people into town and back home again in a loop, the Eleventh Doctor and Clara rudely interrupt the Skeletrons’ victory with the Zorbius crystal. They soon attempt to foil their schemes in conquering the universe. Who will win in the end?

‘The Saviour of the Daleks’

The Daleks, led by Salvador, have come to attack the Goseker system. The Twelfth Doctor and Bill help to save the star system with a use of a Zorbius crystal fragment. Can they get help from friends of the planet Tendrasta as well as a fellow Time Lord who escaped the Time War?

‘The Two Salvadors’

The Thirteenth Doctor, Graham, Ryan and Yaz visit the Rotenhend Hotel 360 in the 38th century. The Doctor reunites with some old friends and allies before chaos ensues. A planet turns up and two Salvadors cause trouble as they want the Zorbius crystal from the Doctor.

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