‘The Child of Death’ (Z)




A young boy attacks the city of London at night with a deadly weapon. In the TARDIS, the Ninth Doctor detects the life-force of the Zorbius crystal reawakening nearby. Soon he, Rose and Captain Jack return to Earth to investigate the child of death in London.

Episode Contents

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4

‘Rose Tyler’; ‘Captain Jack Harkness’; ‘Jackie Tyler’ and ‘Mickey Smith’ created by Russell T. Davies
‘Daleks’ created by Terry Nation

© Tim Bradley, 2020

The previous story

For ‘Zorbius’ was

For the Ninth Doctor was

For Rose was

For Captain Jack was

For Mickey was

The next story

For ‘Zorbius’ is

For the Ninth Doctor is

  • ‘The Stealers of Dreams’ (Book/Audio)

For Rose is

  • ‘The Stealers of Dreams’ (Book/Audio)

For Captain Jack is

  • ‘The Stealers of Dreams’ (Book/Audio)

For Mickey is

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