‘The Deepening Rain’ (Z) – Character Profiles

Here’s a list of who’s who in ‘The Deepening Rain’.

THE SECOND DOCTOR (Patrick Troughton)

The Second Doctor, who first appeared in ‘The Power of the Daleks’ was very different to his predecessor. A more playful, whimsical air disguised dark undercurrents and a sharp mind. And as the Doctor changed, so did the adventures. Trips into Earth’s history gave way to besieged moon bases, Martian Ice Warriors and space pirates. Not to mention the heyday of the emotionless Cybermen, whom the Doctor froze in their ancient tombs once more. It wasn’t until he was put on trial by his own people – the Time Lords – for interference, that the Second Doctor was forced to regenerate in ‘The War Games’

JAMIE McCRIMMON (Frazer Hines)

James Robert McCrimmon was a Scottish piper and soldier, first appearing in ‘The Highlanders’, fighting the hated English at Culloden in 1746. Escaping execution, Jamie followed Polly, Ben and the Doctor into the TARDIS. Although from the 18th Century, Jamie adapted quickly to time-travelling life, fighting Cybermen on the Moon, faceless Chameleons and Daleks in Victorian times. He faced the Great Intelligence – once in Tibet and again in the London Underground – and twice fought the Martian Ice Warriors. What he lacked in intelligence, he more than made up for in strength, charm and instinct. With his memories of the Doctor erased in ‘The War Games’, he was returned to Scotland on the day he left by the Time Lords at the Doctor’s trial.

ZOE HERIOT (Wendy Padbury)

An astrophysicist with a photographic memory, Zoe joined the Doctor and Jamie in ‘The Wheel In Space’ after helping them defeat the Cyber-invasion of the Space Station W3. Clever and logical but with a big heart, Zoe was more than a match for the Doctor. Her intelligence brought her to the attention of the Krotons, Ice Warriors and the Cybermen, and she was the first to see through the lies of the Land of Fiction. At the Doctor’s trial at the end of ‘The War Games’, the Time Lords returned her to her old life with memories of only her first adventure with the Doctor remaining.

© Tim Bradley, 2020

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