‘The End Dilemma’ (Z) – Character Profiles

Here’s who’s who in ‘The End Dilemma’.


Never understated, the Sixth Doctor was an explosion of colours; words and emotions. He first appeared at the end of ‘The Caves of Androzani’ before having his first adventure in ‘The Twin Dilemma’. Passionate and sometimes quick to anger, this was a Doctor you didn’t want to make enemies with. He tangled with the corporate greed of the slimy Sil; took H.G. Wells on a trip to the strange world of Karfel; and defeated the amoral Gallifreyan scientist called the Rani as well as the Master. Once again, the Doctor’s interference in the affairs of others resulted him to be put on trial by his own people in ‘The Trial of a Time Lord’. He came across a dark version of himself in the Valeyard who wanted to gain his remaining incarnations. After uncovering the Valeyard’s schemes, all charges were dropped. The Doctor and his companion Mel left in the TARDIS.

PERI BROWN (Nicola Bryant)

Perpugilliam Brown – ‘Peri’ to her friends – met the Fifth Doctor whilst she was bored at her stepfather’s archaeological dig on Lanzarote in ‘Planet of Fire’. After helping to defeat the Master, Peri opted to travel with the Doctor. During an early adventure, the Doctor and Peri contracted Spectrox Toxaemia on Androzani Minor. The Fifth Doctor’s selfless actions saved her from death and prompted him to regenerate into the Sixth Doctor. The Sixth Doctor was initially unstable and Peri had trouble coming to terms with him. She fought Cybermen on Telos; the combined machinations of the Rani and the Master; and joined the Sixth Doctor and Jamie McCrimmon to rescue the Doctor’s second incarnation in Spain and repel the Sontarans. During the Doctor’s trial, it was revealed that Peri died on Thoros Beta in the ‘Mindwarp’ segment of ‘The Trial of a Time Lord’ once her mind was wiped and her body was taken over by the Mentor called Lord Kiv. King Yrcanos – used as an assassin by the Time Lords – destroyed the Peri-Kiv hybrid’s body. Once the Doctor was proved innocent at his trial, he was informed the evidence concerning Peri’s death was. She lives, married to Yrcanos and is a warrior queen of the Krontep. Or is she?

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