‘The Infinity Planet’ (Z) – Character Profiles

Here’s who’s who in ‘The Infinity Planet’.


After dying on the operating table in ‘The TV Movie’, the Seventh Doctor regenerated into the Eighth Doctor in a hospital morgue on the 31st of December 1999. Mercurial, frenzied and prone to bouts of amnesia, the Eighth Doctor teamed up with Dr, Grace Holloway to save the world from being pulled inside-out by the Master’s hijacking of the TARDIS. After a single TV adventure, the Eighth Doctor’s adventures continued in books, audios and comics. His end came in ‘The Night of the Doctor’ when he was dying on the planet of Karn and he was given the chance to regenerate by the Sisterhood of Karn to become the War Doctor and fight in the Last Great Time War.

JEN WARD (Imogen Poots)

From a middle-class background on 21st century Earth, Jennifer Ward – Jen for short…first met the Eighth Doctor in ‘The Blood Hunters’. She was exploring a haunted house and encountered vampires. Jen suffered many things under the control of the Vampire Lord before the Doctor saved her. Restored to normal, Jen eventually joined the Doctor on his travels in the TARDIS. Together, they went on spine-chilling adventures facing the mice-like Navre in a stately mansion and Cybermen in a futuristic San Francisco. A lively young woman with a keen curiosity, Jen gained a good rapport with the Eighth Doctor. She’s very brave and resourceful when in the face of danger. It’s unclear how and when she stopped travelling in the TARDIS, but she is known to be one of the Doctor’s loyal companions.

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