‘The Infinity Planet’ (Z) – Introduction

Welcome to ‘The Infinity Planet’ of the ‘Zorbius’ series by Tim Bradley!

Back in 2012, I invited my best mate from school Stephen Buckley to write a trilogy of ‘Doctor Who’ stories featuring the Eighth Doctor. They were to be with a new companion that Stephen and I created. We soon created the character of Jen Ward and we based her on the actress Imogen Poots.

The three stories we had in mind for the Eighth Doctor and Jen were ‘The Blood Hunters’ featuring vampires; ‘The Summer of the Navre’ (originally called ‘The Summer of the Naive’) and ‘The Brotherhood’ featuring Cybermen. Unfortunately, we only completed the second story ‘The Summer of the Narve’.

There’s still ‘The Blood Hunters’ and ‘The Brotherhood’ to complete. Despite that, I’m sharing with you the ‘Zorbius’ story that features the Eighth Doctor and Jen called ‘The Infinity Planet’ (originally called ‘The Planet of Infinity’). I will get to share the other Eighth Doctor and Jen stories in the future.

This was to celebrate the Eighth Doctor era of ‘Doctor Who’ back in August 2013. The Eighth Doctor has had a long life of adventure beyond ‘The TV Movie’. He’s done audios, comics and books and has had many companions. So it’s nice to celebrate that by doing a story with the Eighth Doctor and Jen.

‘The Infinity Planet’ is a story that takes a lot of material based on one of my favourite Eighth Doctor audios by Big Finish – the 2003 version of ‘Shada’. As I prepared this story for my blog, I noticed many echoes from the 2003 ‘Shada’. I must’ve really been in the ‘Shada’ zone when I wrote this tale.

There are characters like Scottos similar to Professor Chronotis; Wickham similar to Skagra; Miss Gordon similar to Skagra’s ship (the name based on Hannah Gordon’s name of course 😀 ); Watley similar to Wilkin; etc. I’m sure there are many echoes from ‘Shada’ that you can find as you read this.

But I don’t want ‘The Infinity Planet’ to be considered a rip-off from ‘Shada’. I’d like to think ‘The Infinity Planet’ has its own identity, particularly in connection to the ‘Zorbius’ saga so far; a certain war between two planets and a lot of pizzas to eat. You might also find a surprise about Zorbius here.

I hope you’ll enjoy ‘The Infinity Planet’ and be entertained by my take on the Eighth Doctor as a character. I hope you’ll enjoy Jen as the Eighth Doctor’s companion if you find this to be your introduction to her. This should be a fun adventure and I hope you’ll find it thrilling and entertaining.

TIM BRADLEY, August 2020

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