‘The Two Salvadors’ (Z) – Character Profiles

Here’s who’s who in ‘The Two Salvadors’.


The Thirteenth Doctor’s start was rocky. After regenerating and falling out of the TARDIS, she ended up crashing through the roof of a train in 21st century Sheffield in ‘The Woman Who Fell to Earth’. She met Graham O’Brien, his wife Grace, grandson Ryan Sinclair and police officer Yasmin Khan. After defeating the evil Tzim-Sha (Tim Shaw as he’s sometimes called) of the Stenza warrior race, with the sad death of Grace in the process, the Doctor built a device to return her to her TARDIS. Accidentally teleporting herself, Graham, Ryan and Yaz in space, the Doctor and her friends ended up on an alien world in ‘The Ghost Monument’. The Doctor soon got her TARDIS back and she and her friends soon had adventures in time and space. They saved Rosa Parks, encountered giant spiders, witnessed the partition of India and helped to stop mass murder at the intergalactic retailer called Kerblam! They later defeated a Dalek on New Year’s Day in 2019 and had run-ins with the Master and the Cybermen. The Doctor soon came to discover about the mystery of the ‘timeless children’ and that everything she’d been told by the Time Lords of Gallifrey was a lie. Despite the new revelations, the Doctor continues to be who she is, travelling in time and space.

GRAHAM O’BRIEN (Bradley Walsh)

Graham first met the Thirteenth Doctor on a train in Sheffield with his Grace in ‘The Woman Who Fell to Earth’. A retired bus driver, Graham helped the Doctor with Grace, his grandson Ryan and PC Yaz to defeat the evil Tzim-Sha/Tim Shaw. Their victory cost Grace’s life. After Grace’s funeral, Graham, Ryan and Yaz helped the Doctor to teleport her back to her TARDIS but were inadvertently swept along with her. They had an adventure on an alien planet in ‘The Ghost Monument’ before having more adventures in various times and places. Graham wrestled with the grief he had of losing Grace by wanting to continue travelling with the Doctor. Over time, Graham grew the respect he deserved from Ryan by being a grandfather figure for him. This was established when Graham encountered an apparition of Grace in a mirror dimension in ‘It Takes You Away’. After rejecting her because she wasn’t real, Ryan called Graham ‘granddad’ for the first time. In ‘The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos’, Graham also overcame the revenge he felt when confronting Tzim-Sha/Tim Shaw again over Grace’s death. In the end, Graham and Ryan apprehended the Stenza warrior and locked him in a stasis chamber.


19 years old, Ryan was living in Sheffield with his nan Grace O’Brien, who recently married his step-grandfather Graham. Ryan has dyspraxia, a coordination disorder which impacts his motor skills. He met the Thirteenth Doctor with Graham, Grace and his old school-friend Yaz when they were defeating the Stenza warrior Tzim-Sha/Tim Shaw in ‘The Woman Who Fell to Earth’. Losing his nan in the process, Ryan was soon teleported to an alien world along with the Thirteenth Doctor, Graham and Yaz in ‘The Ghost Monument’. Ryan soon joined the Doctor with Graham and Yaz on adventures in time and space, meeting Rosa Parkes, dealing with giant spiders and even helped to deliver a pregnant man’s baby in ‘The Tsuranga Conundrum’. Ryan grew to accept Graham as his grandfather during the adventures they had in time and space. In ‘Resolution’, he also reconciled things with his father Aaron, who had been absent for most of Ryan’s life since his mother died and was absent during Grace’s funeral. Ryan continues to have adventures with the Doctor, Ryan and Yaz in time and space. But as he, Graham and Yaz realise, there’s so much that they don’t know about the Doctor.

YASMIN KHAN (Mandip Gill)

PC officer Yasmin Khan – Yaz – was eager to prove herself and be more than a probationary police officer in Sheffield. She got her chance when meeting the Thirteenth Doctor on a train in ‘The Woman Who Fell to Earth’. Yaz helped the Doctor, along with Graham O’Brien, his wife Grace and their grandson Ryan Sinclair, whom Yaz knew at school, to defeat the evil Tzim-Sha/Tim Shaw of the Stenza. After Grace’s tragic death, Yaz soon ended up travelling with the Doctor, Graham and Ryan after being teleported to an alien world in ‘The Ghost Monument’ to having adventures on Earth in the past, present and future and on many alien worlds. Yaz lives with her parents Hakim and Najia as well as her younger sister Sonya in a flat in Sheffield. During one of her adventures with the Doctor, Yaz got to learn more about the life of her nani Umbreen and witnessed the Partition of India in ‘Demons of the Punjab’. It’s later revealed that Yaz ran away from home one day in ‘Can You Hear Me?’ Yaz continues to be a loyal friend of the Doctor’s. She’s determined to not let the Doctor face danger alone and shares a lot in common with Graham and Ryan.

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