‘The Zondor Robbers’ (Z) – Introduction

Welcome to ‘The Zondor Robbers’ of the ‘Zorbius’ series by Tim Bradley!

In 2013, I was celebrating the 50th anniversary of ‘Doctor Who’! I did this in a variety of ways. This included watching ‘Doctor Who’ stories on DVD, listening to Big Finish audios and writing my own ‘Doctor Who’ stories! I made an attempt to write my own 50th anniversary series of ‘Doctor Who’. 🙂

This was to include all of the eleven TV Doctors at the time from William Hartnell to Matt Smith. I completed the series, which I called ‘Zorbius’, writing a story each month for each Doctor in the lead-up to the 50th anniversary. Of course, much has changed since the 50th anniversary happened.

We’ve had John Hurt, Peter Capaldi and Jodie Whittaker added to the list of TV Doctors. So it makes sense to update my ‘Zorbius’ series of ‘Doctor Who’ stories and add them to my blog. I’ll be writing three new ‘Doctor Who’ stories for my ‘Zorbius’ series as well as update the stories I’ve already done.

As I do this, let me share with you the first story of the ‘Zorbius’ series called ‘The Zondor Robbers’, featuring the First Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan. ‘The Zondor Robbers’ is also a prequel story to my Fifth Doctor adventure called ‘The Space Hotel’ as it features Gordon Rotenhend and his own hotel.

I wanted to do this story since I made a mention of the First Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan visiting Rotenhend Hotel 360 in ‘The Space Hotel’ itself. I had to re-read ‘The Space Hotel’ as well as listen to ‘Fawlty Towers’ TV soundtracks on CD to get the feeling of a ‘Fawlty Towers’-in-space things again. 😀

I also wanted to make sure I evoked the First Doctor era in my story. In January 2013, I re-watched plenty of First Doctor TV stories featuring William Hartnell’s Doctor with Ian, Barbara and Susan as well as listen to some Big Finish audios featuring William Russell and Carole Ann Ford to feel the era.

The experience was pretty enjoyable in trying to capture William Hartnell’s mannerisms as the Doctor as well as the interaction between him and his companions Ian, Barbara and Susan. It was also fun to have the TARDIS foursome interact with Gordon, Elizabeth, Joel, Bruce and the Admiral. 🙂

‘The Zondor Robbers’ begins the ‘Zorbius’ series in style as the Doctor and his friends spot two criminals with a mysterious crystal of time and a deadly creature lurking about the space hotel. I hope you’ll enjoy ‘The Zondor Robbers’ and my take on how I wrote the First Doctor TARDIS team. 🙂

TIM BRADLEY, January 2020

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