‘Conversations With The Dead’ (TV)


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Okay, so the second episode of this series is a little better than the first episode. It’s still a challenge to get into the characters that are still being set-up, but at least there is a story to follow in this one.

‘Conversations With The Dead’ is once again by Chris Boucher, the series deviser, and is once again directed by Christopher Baker. These two contribute a lot to the series in its writing and its directing.

In this episode, Nathan Spring’s life gets turned upside down once his girlfriend, Gennie Nevinson as Lee Jones, gets murdered. This happens when an unknown assailant breaks into his home on Earth.

It was interesting to see how Nathan reacts to his girlfriend’s death and takes it rather badly. And this is by the time we come to the second episode of ‘Star Cops’ itself. This didn’t happen in the first.

Beforehand, Nathan is getting accustomed to his new job as the commander of the Star Cops with David Theroux helping him. He’s not very happy about the vacuum-less space-walking that he has to do here.

I don’t blame him. But as the episode progresses, it seems that the Star Cops are going to get their own base of operations on Earth’s moon. Well, that should save a lot of vacuum-less space-walking.

Upon the news of his girlfriend’s death, Nathan returns home to conduct his own private investigation on who committed the murder. This is while the actual Earth police are investigating it.

This episode features the introduction of Trevor Cooper as Chief Inspector Colin Devis of the London Metropolitan Police. I was looking forward to seeing Trevor Cooper as I’ve seen him in ‘Doctor Who’.

Colin Devis is a bit of mean-mannered chief inspector and perhaps thick-headed. There’s tension and friction between him and Nathan Spring when they first meet as the murder is being investigated.

In fact, I’ve noticed there’s this attitude problem among many of the characters in the series. Does it reflect real-life in a police drama? Especially with the swearing and the blasphemy featured throughout?

Colin Devis also has Sian Webber as Sgt. Corman, who’s assisting him in the investigation of Lee Jones’ murder. She seems more efficient in crime-solving than Colin Devis is. Or is that really the case here?

Meanwhile, David Theroux is investigating a tragic accident which is happening in outer space at the same time Lee Jones’ murder is being investigated. A space freighter has gone out of control here. 😐

The space freighter was meant to go to Mars but apparently it got knocked off course and the two pilots on board are condemned to death. We don’t see who those two pilots are in the tale however.

The pilots happen to be Richard Ireson as Mike and Rosie Kerslake as Lara. I gather the two are lovers when they’re sent to be doomed in outer space. Richard Ireson also did ‘The Krotons’ in ‘Doctor Who’.

The episode also features Sean Scanlan as Fox and Alan Downer as Paton, who is a Frenchman. One of these two could be involved in the reprogramming of the space freighter to go off course in space.

There’s also Carmen Gómez as Gina Succini in the episode. I thought I recognised her. Apparently Carmen Gómez guest starred in the ‘Doctor Who’ story ‘The Two Doctors’ as the character of Anita.

There are two standout action scenes in this episode. This includes the scene where Nathan gets attacked by a masked man on roller-stakes who tries to kill him at night before Sgt. Corman turns up.

There’s also a chase scene where Nathan, David and Corman are in a space shuttle chasing after a fugitive in another space shuttle. The twist revelation about what’s been going on here is quite disturbing.

Apparently there’s an atmosphere of international espionage going on. Someone wanted Nathan Spring to do something to capture the criminal and for his career to be ruined. Nathan doesn’t adhere.

The episode ends with Nathan Spring at the graveside of his dead girlfriend, Lee Jones, before Colin Devis comes to join him. Apparently Colin Devis’ job will be on the line and he wants a job from Nathan.

‘Conversations With The Dead’ is a better episode than the first one in the ‘Star Cops’ series. I’d like to think I’m getting into the ‘Star Cops’ series and I wonder what will occur next in the third episode.

‘Conversations With The Dead’ rating – 7/10

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