‘In Warm Blood’ (TV)


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Believe it or not, this is one of the better ‘Star Cops’ episodes in the TV series. It’s an episode that needs to be seen more than once, but overall this was an interesting murder mystery of an episode.

This episode is by John Collee, the first of three episodes he contributed to the TV series. John Collee was previously a qualified doctor before becoming a journalist, writing for ‘The Observer’ newspaper.

I believe ‘Star Cops’ was Collee’s first TV contribution. He would go on to write episodes of ‘Bergerac’ as well as write screenplays for films such as ‘Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World’.

‘In Warm Blood’ was also directed by Graeme Harper, his third contribution as a director to the series. I’ve noticed Graeme’s action-packed style of directing in this particular ‘Star Cops’ episode here.

On a small note, this episode originally had the working title of ‘Trial by Murder’. I’m not sure that works as the title for this episode since there’s not really a ‘trial’, unless it’s a metaphorical one at that.

In the episode, the survey ship Pluto 5 returns to Earth’s Moonbase where the Star Cops discover the crew’s dead. It was quite horrifying to see the dead crew’s skeletal corpses aboard the survey ship.

It made me jump when a missing dead crewmember fell out in front of Pal Kenzy once she; David Theroux and Anna Shoun were investigating the survey ship. The DVD must have a 12 rating, not a PG one.

And yes, once again, we have an episode introducing a new ‘Star Cops’ regular cast member in the series. This is ironic considering we’re over half-way in the series – about six episodes into it already.

The new regular cast member of course is Sayo Inaba as Anna Shoun. This time however, we do have an introduction to Anna’s character. The focus is a lot on her in connection to the murder mystery.

Anna Shoun is a physician that comes from a large Japanese corporation. She comes to join the Star Cops and helps them to find out what caused the murders of the survey ship Pluto 5 during the episode.

As the investigation progresses, Nathan Spring is concerned about Anna’s motives. He questions her about whether she’s truly assisting the Star Cops or is mixed up with these murders aboard Pluto 5.

It’s interesting how this episode works as an introduction for Anna’s character and how she discovers the corruption in the corporation she works for. She changes sides and helps the Star Cops.

Nathan has an interesting scene with Box before he settles down for the night after his interrogation with Anna. He questions whether he uses people and it’s interesting how he gets a response from Box.

This episode also features Dawn Keeler as Christina Janssen, a scientist who may have committed suicide at the same time the Pluto 5 crew were murdered. Nathan discovers a lot more than it appears.

It was interesting how Nathan seemed to have a connection with Christina Janssen as well as Alexander Krivenko in the episode. The two men are deeply affected by the seemingly suicide of Janssen.

The episode also features Richard Rees as Richard Ho, who is the head of the Japanese corporation that Anna Shoun works for. There’s also Susan Tan as the receptionist that works at the corporation.

It was tense when Anna got caught by her boss and Richard Ho was being pretty mean to her about her betrayal. It does make me wonder how Japan would be viewed in the future by 1980s standards.

Colin Devis’ character has a bit of an arc in this episode too. He tries to do some exercises on a cycling machine, much to Nathan, David and Pal’s annoyance when they try to work within the area.

As well as that, Colin is ordered to go undercover and infiltrate Richard Ho’s office at the Japanese corporation building. It doesn’t work out well since Colin gets easily caught. This he was told not to do. 😀

The episode ends with Nathan confronting Richard Ho in a sauna and making him confess his guilt. I do like how Nathan gets given a sense of humour as well as sense of toughness throughout the tale.

‘In Warm Blood’ happens to be a really good murder mystery episode in the series. It does require more than one watch, but I honestly found it compelling, especially with Anna Shoun’s introduction.

The DVD special features for this episode are as follows. On Disc 2 of the 3-disc DVD set of ‘Star Cops’, there’s ‘Continuity and Miscellanea – Part Two’ on the second three episodes of the series. There’s also ‘I Had To Kill Blake – The Screen Career of Chris Boucher’; a stills gallery and ‘Lights, Camera, Inaction – Behind The Scenes of Star Cops’.

‘In Warm Blood’ rating – 8/10

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