‘Little Green Men and Other Martians’ (TV)


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The final episode of the ‘Star Cops’ TV series is of course ‘Little Green Men and Other Martians’ by Chris Boucher. This was always going to be the final episode of what would’ve been the first season.

However there was supposed to be another episode made between ‘Other People’s Secrets’ and ‘Little Green Men and Other Martians’. It turned out to be the aborted episode ‘Death on the Moon’.

That ninth episode of the series was by Philip Martin and it would’ve been an Agatha Christie-styled murder mystery. Sadly, due to industrial strike action, the episode never got made, which is a shame.

Had ‘Death on the Moon’ been made, ‘Little Green Men and Other Martians’ would’ve been the tenth episode instead of the ninth. There were a lot of behind-the-scenes problems with this series.

Anyway, ‘Death on the Moon’ never got made and we have ‘Little Green Men and Other Martians’ as the finale. This tale was directed by Graeme Harper, not by Christopher Baker according to the DVD.

By the way, if you’re expecting there to be actual green men or Martians from Mars appearing in this story, don’t bother. You’re more lucky to see Martians in the form of Ice Warriors in ‘Doctor Who’. 😀

Incidentally, Erick Ray Evans doesn’t appear as David Theroux in the episode. Erick Ray Evans was unable to appear due to illness, meaning that his final story for the series was ‘Other People’s Secrets’.

A shame really as Erick Ray Evans sadly passed away in 1999 after the TV series was made. Had there been more seasons made for ‘Star Cops’, it would’ve been interesting to see more of David Theroux.

Anyway, the episode has Nathan Spring investigate a drug smuggling conspiracy as well as the deaths of two space pilots. There’s also a rumour of some alien artefacts being discovered on Mars.

The working title for this episode was ‘Information Received’. As a series finale, I found it okay. I couldn’t find anything standout exciting about this story, although there were good character moments.

This is a shame as I’ve been enjoying the series in the previous three episodes by John Collee. Maybe it’s me and I need to re-watch ‘Star Cops’ again since I’ve been able to get into the characters more.

The guest stars for this episode are Roy Holder as Daniel Larwood, who is a journalist as well as an old flame of Pal Kenzy’s. For ‘Doctor Who’ fans, Roy Holder was Krelper in ‘The Caves of Androzani’.

I didn’t recognise Roy Holder at first when watching this episode since he didn’t have the beard in this. 😀 But I could see it was him and I later discovered that he was also in an episode of ‘Terry & June’.

I’ve also met Roy in real life at the ‘Pandorica 2015’ convention in Bristol, September 2015. It was intriguing how Larwood became involved with the drug smuggling and Martian artefacts conspiracy.

It was also interesting how he happened to have a past relationship with Pal Kenzy, which can often seem antagonistic at times. Pal even gets tough with Larwood when demanding information from him.

The episode also features Bridget Lynch-Blosse as the Co-Pilot. Bridget also appeared in the ‘Doctor Who’ story ‘Revelation of the Daleks’ with Colin Baker. Her character gets killed pretty quickly in this.

There’s also Lachele Carl as Susan Caxton, who is a newsreader that comes to visit the Star Cops Moonbase. Lachele Carl would later play newsreader Trinity Wells in the new ‘Doctor Who’ TV series.

It was tense when Nathan Spring, who was about to be on his way to Mars, gets killed during an explosion in space aboard a spaceship. It was interesting to see the reactions of everyone else here.

Pal is more emotional and upset compared to Colin, Anna and Alexander in the episode. But as it turns out, Nathan thankfully isn’t dead and he is able to uncover who the culprit of this conspiracy is.

The episode and the TV series ends with the ‘Star Cops’ cast gathered together and Nathan asking everyone, “Anyone for Mars?” This was an interesting and poignant way to close the TV series, wasn’t it?

‘Little Green Men and Other Martians’ isn’t what I would call a spectacular series finale to the ‘Star Cops’ TV series, But it’s decent enough. I’m pleased it ended on a note where it could have continued.

The DVD special features for this episode are as follows. On Disc 3 of the 3-disc DVD set of ‘Star Cops’, there’s an audio commentary on ‘Little Green Men and Other Martians’ by series deviser/writer Chris Boucher. There’s also ‘Continuity and Miscellanea – Part Three’ on the third and final three episodes of the series. There’s also ‘PM’s Question Time – Philip Martin Discusses His Career’ and ‘FX Lies and Video Tape – Designing The Future’ which is on mute.

‘Star Cops’ the TV series is…pretty okay. Mind you, I prefer ‘Blake’s 7’ over this. Don’t get me wrong, ‘Star Cops’ as a series is good enough and there are some fine performances from the cast overall. The concept for the series is also good and I did enjoy the three episodes by John Collee very much.

But speaking personally, I found it a challenge to get into the characters at an early stage in the series and it took a while to understand who they were. The characters also get introduced at various points in the series. It would have been better if they were all introduced in the first episode.

There’s also a grown-up and gritty aspect to the series that makes it an edgy, tough, cop drama. The swearing featured in the series doesn’t appeal to me, especially for a PG-rating on the DVD itself. But for what it is, ‘Star Cops’ has a lot going for it and it’s a shame that it didn’t last beyond one season.

Overall, ‘Star Cops’ isn’t really my kind of series. But that’s okay. This was still fun to watch and review and I wouldn’t mind watching it again when it comes to purchasing more Big Finish audios of the series. I will need to re-watch ‘Star Cops’ again in order to appreciate the stories and characters.

Anyway, let’s get onto the Big Finish audios of ‘Star Cops’ as we take a look into what could’ve been the second season of the show with the banner called…‘Mother Earth’!

‘Little Green Men and Other Martians’ rating – 7/10

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