‘Lockdown’ (Audio)


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The third episode of the ‘Star Cops’ audio series is ‘Lockdown’ by Christopher Hatherall. I’ve not come across Christopher Hatherall before as a writer as he has penned audio episodes of ‘Survivors’.

Chris Hatherall is also an actor as well as a writer on Big Finish. In fact, he played a character in one of the Big Finish audios of ‘Doctor Who’ with Sylvester McCoy’s Doctor called ‘Fiesta of the Damned’.

I really enjoyed this episode by Chris Hatherall. I do find that I enjoy the episodes by non-‘Doctor Who’ writers in ‘Star Cops’ more than the ones by the actual ‘Doctor Who’ writers themselves here.

In this episode, Nathan Spring and Priya Basu visit the Tech Tower in Paris. It is a state of the art, high-security, high-technology building. The two go to this place as representatives at a conference.

It was interesting to hear Nathan and Priya paired up together and working as colleagues. They seem to get on well and it was interesting to hear them in diplomatic roles with representing the Star Cops.

Nathan struggles and feels uncomfortable when having to reassure the attendees at the conference with his speech-making. Priya is there to reassure him when he has to gain people’s confidence in this.

The purpose of the conference at the Tech Tower is to find a way to counter the growing threat from the Mother Earth group. It seems pretty serious when the Mother Earth group’s campaign increases.

I thin  the Mother Earth group is becoming prominent in the audio series when they cause trouble in certain Star Cops cases. They seem to like to cause trouble and scare people with certain technology.

By the way, Colin Devis and Paul Bailey get left behind to man the Star Cops operations at Moonbase. But they do get a piece of the action later on when they investigate a strange incident at an outpost.

Shayla Moss was meant to go to the conference at Tech Tower to represent the Star Cops with Nathan. But she became ill and Priya took her place. She gets involved in the story’s action later on.

When Nathan and Priya are at the conference inside Tech Tower however, the building becomes under attack by the Mother Earth group. The building goes into ‘lockdown’ where nobody can leave.

Priya soon goes missing and Nathan is determined to find her. But as the situation progresses, it seems that a high stakes robbery is taking place at Tech Tower by criminals of a greedy corporation.

The episode features Amerjit Deu as Rez Varughese, who Priya happens to recognise and thought was dead. Rez knocks Priya out and holds her hostage whilst he’s working with this gang of criminals.

Amerjit Deu also plays Gish who is at the outpost where Colin and Paul conduct their investigations. It became tense when Colin and Paul get locked in a room and the oxygen gets low, caused by Gish.

I like how Colin and Paul work together in this episode. They seem to bounce off each other, especially when they solve a mystery regarding a fake accident and when they attend to Gish later on.

Gabrielle Glaister guest stars as Joanne Stack, who attends the conference at Tech Tower. But she’s also in cahoots with Rez Varughese when she turns out to be one of the gang trying to do a robbery.

George Aspey guest stars as Alby Royle, who is in charge at Tech Tower as well as of the conference. It was interesting how Nathan and Alby didn’t see eye to eye. They seemed antagonistic to each other.

But later on, as the episode progresses, Alby and Nathan start to work together. This is especially when they were trying to locate Priya and when they saw to it that everyone got out of the building.

I must admit I did find the climax rather confusing when so much action was going on. I believe Rez sent Joanne off the roof of the Tech Tower once out in the open before escaping in a helicopter.

But that’s before Shayla came along and got him down, preventing his escape. Eventually, Rez, who isn’t dead, shoots Shayla. She manages to survive as Nathan and Priya later visit Shayla in a hospital.

Philip Oliver, Rakhee Thakrar, George Asprey, Gabrielle Glaister, Trevor Cooper, director Helen Goldwyn and Amerjit Deu in ‘Lockdown’.

‘Lockdown’ is very good as a ‘Star Cops’ audio episode. It was a little confusing towards its conclusion, which is a shame, but overall this was pretty compelling. I liked the character interaction too.

The CD extras are as follows. At the end of ‘Lockdown’, there are behind-the-scenes interviews with the cast and crew including David Calder, Trevor Cooper, Rakhee Thakrar, Philip Olivier, Amerjit Deu, Gabrielle Glaister, George Asprey, director Helen Goldwyn, writer Christopher Hatherall, etc.

‘Lockdown’ rating – 8/10

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