‘Moonshine’ (Audio)


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The seventh episode of ‘Mother Earth’ is called ‘Moonshine’ by Roland Moore. This is the first time I’ve come across Roland Moore as a writer. He has done a ‘Doctor Who’ and episodes of ‘Survivors’.

I liked this episode very much in the ‘Star Cops’ series. It highlights some interesting character development for some of our leads as well as featuring a tantalising mystery to solve throughout. 😀

In the episode, one of Pal Kenzy’s friends from the space station Coral Sea has been dismissed. Coral Sea was a space station mentioned in the TV series during the first episode ‘An Instinct For Murder’.

Apparently this friend of Pal Kenzy’s was accused for possessing alcohol which is strictly forbidden in the ‘Star Cops’ service. The friend got sent back to Earth before he eventually got killed in the story.

Many assume it to be suicide. But Pal is unconvinced. She knows her friend wouldn’t drink alcohol on duty and she doesn’t believe her friend would commit suicide. Nathan knows something’s amiss.

Eventually Nathan sends Pal to Australia on Earth to uncover the mystery. With the belief her friend’s been framed, Pal goes to Earth and Colin Devis accompanies her. This should be interesting. 😀

From watching the TV series and listening to the audios so far, it was nice to hear how Colin and Pal interact with each other as friends and work colleagues. They go together with the cover as a couple.

Pal makes it clear to Colin that there’s to be no hanky-panky between them whilst they’re in the seedy hotel room that they’re staying at. Colin and Pal do tease each other whilst investigating in the story.

It’s this episode where we get to meet Pal’s former fiancé, Timothy Hofmeier as Phil Bovey. Phil had been mentioned before in ‘One of Our Cops Is Missing’, which was the first of the ‘Mother Earth’ series.

Apparently, Pal broke up with Phil a long while back according to ‘The Thousand Ton Bomb’. It’s interesting how the two reunite with each other in the episode and how they get to catch up after a while.

Phil asks Pal out to dinner before she suggests meeting for lunch whilst she and Colin investigate their little mystery in Australia. There’s clearly tension between Pal and Phil as they have their lunch.

Meanwhile, on Moonbase, Nathan Spring has an official visit from a powerful dignitary – William Gaminara as Godfrey Miller. Priya Basu helps Nathan out when they welcome their guest to the base.

Paul Bailey is out of commission for most of the episode. He’s still recovering in hospital from the accident he had in ‘The Killing Jar’. I was glad to hear he was okay and hoped he’d be back on his feet next time.

It was nice that Colin Devis visited Paul Bailey in that one scene he had in hospital. Though I’m not sure giving Paul a gay porn magazine was a good move on Colin’s part. Paul doesn’t think it’s good either.

This episode deals with workers in space drinking alcohol, which is prohibited by the Star Cops on Moonbase. I like how this gets addressed in the episode, especially as alcohol can affect judgement.

Craig Armstrong guest stars as Barney Hillier, a worker who gets accused for drinking alcohol. He claims not to, though he can be a handful of trouble for Priya who tries to calm him in his confinement.

Apparently, Barney claims to have been ill at the time he was doing maintenance work. He caused an accident due to his negligence and his line manager Timothy Hofmeier as Vernon Hollis got killed here.

As well as playing Barney Hillier, Craig Armstrong also plays Theodore Gallow, an assassin who tries to kill Colin and Pal during a shoot-out. This is before Phil Bovey comes in and sacrifices himself in this.

It was exciting and tense when two situations of crisis occurred towards the episode’s end. This included a bomb about to go off on Moonbase and the aforementioned shoot-out with Colin and Pal.

The episode ends on a note that could be considered a cliffhanger. Godfrey Miller is unhappy with Colin and Pal’s actions in their Australia case. He’s about to write a damning review on the Star Cops.

Trevor Cooper in ‘Moonshine’.

‘Moonshine’ has been an enjoyable instalment in the ‘Star Cops’ audio series as I like the character focus and the drama featured throughout. I’m looking forward to what happens next in the last ‘Mother Earth’ episode.

The CD extras are as follows. At the end of ‘Moonshine’, there are behind-the-scenes interviews with the cast and crew including Linda Newton, Philip Olivier, Timothy Hofmeier, Craig Armstrong, William Gaminara, director Helen Goldwyn, writer Roland Moore, script editor Andrew Smith, etc.

‘Moonshine’ rating – 8/10

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