‘The Killing Jar’ (Audio)


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The sixth episode of ‘Mother Earth’ is called ‘The Killing Jar’ by John Dorney. John Dorney has contributed a lot to the ‘Doctor Who’ universe in Big Finish both as a script writer and a script editor.

I greatly enjoyed this episode by John Dorney in the ‘Star Cops’ series. I like how this is a murder mystery utilising a small cast, especially with two supporting characters and one person who is dead.

In this episode, Nathan Spring, Pal Kenzy and Paul Bailey are off on a mission to investigate the disappearance of a missing person on board the space station Charlie Chaplin. It’s notable for tourism.

Colin Devis and Priya Basu are left behind at the Star Cops base to keep shop. It’s interesting how we’re now in the second half of ‘Mother Earth’ and Priya Basu doesn’t seem to have done much yet.

To be fair, she had plenty of in-time during the first half of ‘Mother Earth’ before Pal Kenzy came back. So I can only hope that the last two episodes of ‘Mother Earth’ will give Priya Basu more to do.

It was interesting to hear how Nathan, Pal and Paul interacted as a threesome whilst visiting the Charlie Chaplin. Paul often investigates by himself whilst Nathan and Pal interact together far more.

Anyway, a number of serious accidents occur aboard the Charlie Chaplin. The space station is run by Will Chitty as entrepreneur Martin Thane of Thane Industries. Thane coordinates the space-tourism.

Pal Kenzy also knows Thane of old. Not sure if it was a former relationship of a romantic sort as it’s never really delved into during the episode. But we can be sure that things didn’t go well in the end.

It seems that the Star Cops were called in by this missing person called Carl Dixon. But when Nathan, Pal and Paul find him, they discover to their horror that he’s dead in an airlock for everyone else to see.

Soon the word gets out via the news channels about Carl Dixon’s dead body in an airlock. This is something Nathan wanted to avoid and he becomes infuriated by it as the news feed keep on coming.

In his investigations, Paul Bailey discovers a journalist who claims to know Carl Dixon. That happens to be Tor Clark as Rebecca. I didn’t say Rebecca’s surname as I’m not sure if it’s Carter or if it’s Driscoll.

It says on the back of the CD sleeve notes that it’s Driscoll, but when I hear the episode she says it’s Carter. I’m not sure if I’m mishearing it when listening to the episode, but I’m pretty sure it is Carter.

I like how the twist gets revealed that Rebecca was the one recording the incidents that occur aboard the Charlie Chaplin for news viewers to see. Nathan works it out after he recognises Rebecca.

Martin Thane is described as an oily person in the story according to director Helen Goldwyn. He does sound pretty self-centred and dismissive, especially when he’s talking to Nathan and Pal in this.

It was interesting to hear the scenes between Colin and Priya when they’re investigating at their end. This is especially in sorting out mail coming in and decoding a certain disk file they’ve received.

There’s clearly tension between Colin and Priya, especially when one has the post of second-in-command to the Star Cops and one doesn’t. They do work well with each other professionally here.

It was interesting when Pal was given Nathan’s Box to investigate Carl Dixon’s room aboard the Charlie Chaplin. I thought Nathan would never give up his precious Box to anyone else in the series.

I also liked that twist reveal in the episode when it turned out Carl Dixon killed himself instead of being murdered and that he was an associate of Mother Earth. That group manages to slip in again.

It was tense towards the end of the episode when Nathan, Pal and Paul evacuated the space station and got everyone to space walk to a paramedic’s shuttle. This is all before the station explodes in space.

Unfortunately, Paul got caught in the blast of the explosion when his suit tore up. Thankfully, he managed to survive. I hope he’ll be alright by the time we hear him and the others in the next story.

Rakhee Thakrar in ‘The Killing Jar’.

‘The Killing Jar’ has been a pretty good instalment in the ‘Star Cops’ series. I enjoyed John Dorney’s take on it and I like how the Star Cops characters got involved in a murder mystery with twists in it.

The CD extras are as follows. At the end of ‘The Killing Jar’, there are behind-the-scenes interviews with the cast and crew including Philip Olivier; Will Chitty; director Helen Goldwyn and writer John Dorney. There’s also a joint interview with David Calder; Trevor Cooper and Linda Newton. 😀

‘The Killing Jar’ rating – 8/10

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