‘The Thousand Ton Bomb’ (Audio)


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The fourth and final episode of the first ‘Star Cops’ box set is ‘The Thousand Ton Bomb’ by Guy Adams. Guy Adams has contributed a number of ‘Doctor Who’ tales to Big Finish in many eras and spin-offs.

I enjoyed this last episode of the first ‘Star Cops’ CD box set by Guy Adams. Mind you, there is a certain authenticity to this ‘Star Cops’ audio episode in connection to the TV series as I have noticed.

This is especially with regards to the certain blasphemy and swearing I heard in the episode by certain characters. I thought we’d got away from that or at least it’d been toned down in the audios.

For this fourth episode of ‘Mother Earth’, Colin Devis catches out someone who tries to blow a bomb within the Moonbase. Thankfully the bomb attempt fails as Colin reports what happened to Nathan.

Nathan picks up that Colin had been drinking whilst on the job, to which he’s unhappy about. It also transpires that the attempted bomber, Andy Snowball as Danny Neal, is a member of Mother Earth.

This provides Nathan the opportunity to interrogate Danny Neal and find out information about where Mother Earth is and what their operations entail. It seems that Danny Neal is a bit of an idiot.

Eventually, Nathan assigns Paul Bailey the mission to go undercover again and pose as Danny Neal to get into Mother Earth. I do like how Paul susses that Nathan wants him to go undercover once again.

Yet Paul is willing and agrees to the mission. Paul is a pretty committed and hard-working member of the Star Cops as opposed to Colin who at times tends to be lazy and speaks first before he thinks.

Pretty soon, Paul is at Danny Neal’s house as he tries to emulate his personality. I didn’t realise at first that Paul was talking about being Danny as opposed to being himself when alone in that house.

Eventually, Paul gets captured by the Mother Earth group and is severely tortured for information. It sounds very brutal when Paul was being tortured as he attempts to feign his identity as Danny Neal.

After that, Paul meets Delroy Atkinson as Charles Hardin, the Head of Mother Earth, who adopts the charm and nice attitude approach. Hardin briefly starred in two previous ‘Star Cops’ audio episodes.

Hardin gets Paul to accompany with him in a terrible attack on the Vasco de Gama space station with the Star Cops among the firing line. Paul soon finds himself in big trouble when his cover gets blown.

This episode is notable for featuring the return of Linda Newton as Pal Kenzy. She briefly did a cameo in ‘One of Our Cops Is Missing’. Here she returns proper and sounds just as she was in the TV series.

Pal’s still the plucky, tough Australian that we know from the TV series. It’s interesting how she didn’t appear in all of the four episodes of the first CD box set of the ‘Star Cops’ audios by Big Finish.

But it turns out, according to producer David Richardson, that Linda Newton seemed unreachable at the time. Thankfully, Trevor Cooper got in touch with Linda and she was keen to return as Pal Kenzy.

It was fun to hear how she made her entrance into the episode with rescuing Nathan and Colin from a collapsing corridor. There’s still the antagonism; friction and tension between those three regulars.

It was a surprise when Pal actually left the Star Cops to become an aide to the Pan-Pacific President of Earth as well as getting engaged to somebody. It falls apart when Pal evacuates Vasco da Gamma.

I was a bit shocked when Pal actually kicked the Pan-Pacific President’s butt to get him off the space station. It ends up with her losing her job, but hey what do you expect? Pal’s pretty feisty, isn’t she?

I did like it when Nathan managed to suss out Sophie-Louise Dann as Simone Babin and her connection to the failed bomb incident on Moonbase. It was such a surprise revelation by the climax.

The episode ends with Pal meeting up with Nathan to ask if she can have a job with the Star Cops now that her old job is gone. She also doesn’t seem to be engaged anymore. Nathan welcomes her.

‘The Thousand Ton Bomb’ is a pretty good episode to end the first half of the ‘Mother Earth’ series in ‘Star Cops’. I enjoyed Pal Kenzy’s return and it seems like the new ‘Star Cops’ are well set up here.

The CD extras are as follows. At the end of ‘The Thousand Ton Bomb’ disc, there are behind-the-scenes interviews with the cast and crew including David Calder; Trevor Cooper; Linda Newton; Rakhee Thakrar; Philip Olivier; Delroy Atkinson; director Helen Goldwyn; producer David Richardson; writer Guy Adams; script editor Andrew Smith; etc.

The first box set of ‘Mother Earth’ has been pretty good overall. I do myself getting to enjoy the ‘Star Cops’ audios compared to when I watching the short-lived TV series. I certainly enjoyed the performances of David Calder; Trevor Cooper; Linda Newton; Rakhee Thakrar and Philip Oliver here.

Of course this is just the first half of the ‘Mother Earth’ saga in the ‘Star Cops’ series. I’m looking forward to what happens next with our new team of five regulars combating against the menaces of Mother Earth. I’m also looking forward to find out what Sarah Sutton will be like in the final episode.

‘The Thousand Ton Bomb’ rating – 8/10

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