‘Tranquility and Other Illusions’ (Audio)


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The second episode of the ‘Star Cops’ audio series is ‘Tranquility and Other Illusions’ by Ian Potter. Ian Potter has done a number of Big Finish audios for ‘Doctor Who’; ‘The Avengers’; ‘Survivors’; etc.

I haven’t come across a lot of Big Finish audios by Ian Potter in the ‘Doctor Who’ realm, but I was aware of him before hearing this ‘Star Cops’ episode. I hoped I would enjoy Ian’s take on the sci-fi cop series.

In the episode, a murder takes place at the historic site of the first Apollo moon landing. Thus the Star Cops are called to investigate. Nathan sends Priya, Colin and Paul off to a nearby moon outpost.

It seems that there was a woman who was with the murder victim, Philip Hughes, at the time. Who could this mysterious woman be? The Star Cops hope to find this out once their investigation begins.

Just to clarify, as I didn’t mention it in my review for the previous episode, the Star Cops team now consists of Nathan, Colin, Priya and Paul. It seems that Pal Kenzy has left the Star Cops to be married.

I did some research and apparently Linda Newton does return to the ‘Star Cops’ audio series properly until the fourth episode of ‘Mother Earth’. We’ll have to wait a bit until she returns proper.

Priya Basu has also been promoted to superintendent of the Star Cops and is second-in-command next to Nathan instead of Colin. There is friction between Priya and Colin when they work together.

The character of Nimmy March as Shayla Moss is interesting as the Moonbase’s coordinator. I do find her to be a better supporting character compared to Alexander Krivenko in the TV series so far.

Mind you, she does wind up Nathan Spring at times. This is especially when she exposes certain information to the press, ruining Nathan’s investigation of another case connected to Mother Earth.

Paul Bailey also happens to be gay according to the previous episode. Incidentally, I have met Philip Olivier and Trevor Cooper in real-life at conventions. So I’ve met two ‘Star Cops’ actors in real-life. 😀

It was interesting to hear the relationship between Paul and Colin in the episode. Paul does take things literally when Colin’s making a joke or being sarcastic. The two get on well with each other though.

Paul however does conduct his investigations more seriously compared to Colin. This is especially when the two are conducting interviews with the crew at the moon outpost whilst they investigate.

It was tense when Colin made coarse remarks to the women Priya Basu and Zora Bishop as Armina Hamid. This especially concerns their religions with Armina being a Muslin and Priya Basu as a Hindu.

I did like it when Colin eventually and profusely apologised to Priya and Armina about the remarks he made to them earlier. The two women are forgiving of course. At least Colin does have compassion.

In fact, this episode highlights a lot on Colin’s character in a new light. This is especially when he conducts his side of the investigation before getting himself involved with one of the outpost’s crew.

That person happens to be Mandi Symonds as Caroline. She seems to be a female version of Colin Devis in the episode. The two even share a sex scene with each other, thankfully only briefly in this.

But it transpires Caroline isn’t who she claims to be since she turns out to be the actual culprit in the story, getting her own back on Colin. I found that to be quite a twist-turner when I listened to the episode.

I did like that moment when Colin says to Caroline ‘there’s someone behind you’. Caroline disbelieves him, considering it to be ‘an old trick in the book’. But of course, Priya Basu is behind Caroline here.

The episode also features Tim Scragg as Ashton, who is considered a possible murder suspect before he ends up dead. Tim Scragg also plays the role of Philip Hughes who gets killed earlier on in the tale.

The Mother Earth element in the series does get addressed in this episode but not to a full extent. This is when a bomb is about to blow up at the moon outpost when the Star Cops receive a warning.

Rakhee Thakrar in ‘Tranquillity and Other Illusions’.

‘Tranquility and Other Illusions’ is okay as a ‘Star Cops’ audio episode. I wouldn’t rate it highly, but I enjoyed the character interactions between our four leads and how they conduct the investigations.

The CD extras are as follows. At the end of ‘Tranquility and Other Illusions’, there are behind-the-scenes interviews with the cast and crew including David Calder, Trevor Cooper, Philip Olivier, Zora Bishop, Mandi Symonds, Tim Scragg, producer David Richardson, director Helen Goldwyn, script editor Andrew Smith, etc.

‘Tranquility and Other Illusions’ rating – 7/10

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