‘Armageddon Game’ (DS9) (TV)



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Whilst ‘Rivals’ was a disappointment featuring rivalry between Bashir and O’Brien, ‘Armageddon Game’ was a step up focusing on their relationship. It’s not very inspiring, but it was a superior episode.

In the episode, Bashir and O’Brien help to save two races of an alien planet – the T’Lani and the Kellerun. They’ve been dismantling these deadly biological war weapons called ‘harvesters’ for a week.

But on the day when they come to destroy the final harvester, the laboratory gets attacked by two Kellerun soldiers shooting the scientists. Bashir and O’Brien get caught in the crossfire before escaping.

They beam down to the planet surface, but O’Brien soon becomes fatally ill after a drop of Harvester liquid hits his skin. Bashir with O’Brien’s help tries to get communications to work in an empty building.

What I like about this episode is how O’Brien gradually come out of his dislike of Bashir and the two becomes friends during difficult times. Bashir also becomes less smug and arrogant when with O’Brien.

It was interesting how Bashir shares his viewpoint of marriage and how he doesn’t see himself suited to it compared to O’Brien. But O’Brien shares with Bashir how marriage can be the greatest adventure.

Back on DS9, Sisko is informed by the T’Lani and Kellerun ambassadors that O’Brien and Bashir died in an accident. I was shocked those T’Lani and Kellrun ambassadors were clearly lying about their fate.

Sisko and the DS9 team watch a purported recording of the deaths of Bashir, O’Brien and the science staff during the ‘accident’. They quickly grieve over the deaths of their two crewmates in this instance.

It was interesting to see how the DS9 team grieved over O’Brien and Bashir. Odo is shocked by what was in the recording whilst Quark, Kira and Dax toast to their memory. It was rather touching to see that.

Sisko of course informs Rosalind Chao as Keiko O’Brien about the circumstances of her husband’s ‘death’. Keiko wishes to see the recording of her husband’s death, which Sisko agrees to send it to her.

After seeing the recording though, Keiko insists the recording is false as she believes O’Brien drinking coffee in the afternoon is something he’d never do. Sisko and Dax journey in a runabout to investigate further.

Back on the planet with Bashir and O’Brien, Bashir notices O’Brien having the symptoms of the Harvester virus whilst he’s trying to repair a broken communications system. O’Brien starts to get cold.

I like how Bashir keeps O’Brien comfortable and motivated to not give up whilst trying to repair a communications system. O’Brien even calls Bashir by his first name ‘Julian’ at this stage in the ‘DS9’ series.

This is a contrast to the Season 1 episode ‘The Storyteller’ where O’Brien wanted nothing to do with Bashir and didn’t want to call him by his first name. Very amazing how things have changed since then.

It’s later revealed the T’Lani and Kellerun want Bashir and O’Brien dead because they want all knowledge of the harvesters erased. This is to prevent anybody from making harvester weapons again.

Bashir and O’Brien deny wanting to make anymore harvester weapons like that, but the T’Lani and the Kellerun aren’t taking any chances. Thankfully, Bashir and O’Brien are rescued by Sisko and Dax. 🙂

This is when Sisko and Dax investigate the site of the accident and discover that logs of O’Brien and Bashir’s runabout have been altered. Things get desperate once the T’Lani and the Kellerun hunt them.

I like how Sisko outwits the T’Lani and the Kellerun by transporting from O’Brien and Bashir’s runabout to his and Dax’s runabout. The T’Lani and the Kellerun destroy one runabout whilst the other runabout escapes.

Darleen Carr guest stars as E’Tyshra, the T’Lani ambassador whilst Peter White guest stars as Sharat, the Kellerun ambassador. There’s also Larry Cedar as Nydrom, the leading T’Lani scientist in the story.

I like how the episode ends with O’Brien recovering from the harvester virus on DS9 and Bashir thanking him for saying kind words to him. Keiko is surprised her husband drinks coffee in the afternoon though.

‘Armageddon Game’ is a good episode featuring Bashir and O’Brien forming a friendship in early stages of the ‘DS9’ series. It’s not a spectacular episode, but I’m happy Bashir and O’Brien are getting on here.

‘Armageddon Game’ (DS9) rating – 7/10

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