‘Attached’ (TNG) (TV)

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This is a ‘Star Trek: TNG’ episode that focuses on the relationship between Captain Picard and Beverly Crusher. This was something I wanted to see explored further between the two since the series began.

This episode is directed by Jonathan Frakes. I believe this is the first episode he directed for Season 7. This is so well-handled, especially as Frakes knows Patrick Stewart and Gates McFadden well as actors.

In the episode, Picard and Beverly are about to go on a diplomatic mission to see the Kes, one of the planet Kesprytt’s two societies. I like that first breakfast scene between Picard and Beverly in the story.

Apparently Kesprytt is a divided planet. The Kes want to join the Federation but the Prytt have isolated themselves and wish no contact with anyone. This is bound to make Federation negotiations so tricky.

It was interesting to see Picard and Beverly share their thoughts on the situation, especially as Picard is concerned about it. They soon finish breakfast, which happens to be elaborate prepared by Beverly.

Worf soon transports Picard and Beverly down to the planet Kesprytt’s surface at the Kes’ location. But Picard and Beverly find themselves transported away from the Kes and they end up with the Prytt.

Picard and Beverly find themselves in a Prytt prison cell where they’re accused by Lenore Kasdorf as Minister Lorin for conspiring with the Kes to set up a military station on Kesprytt. It’s of course denied.

It also turns out that Picard and Beverly have strange electronic devices implanted into their necks. This is so they reveal the truth to the Prytt that they’re not actually conspiring with the Kes as assumed.

So err…why would the Prytt think the Enterprise had come to set up a military position with the Kes? Lorin refuses to hear Picard and Beverly out even with those electronic devices planted in their necks.

Then again, being isolated can do strange things to people and make you think not reasonably, so there you go. Also, what is it with those balaclavas the Prytt wear? They must get tired wearing those.

On board the Enterprise, Riker; Worf and Deanna meet up with Robin Gammell as Mauric; the Kes Ambassador with James Castle Steven as his aide. They discuss the situation regarding the abduction.

They consider a rescue team into the Prytt capital city whilst also contacting the Prytt to discuss negotiations. The Prytt however refuse to speak to the Enterprise when they make contact with them.

Back on the planet, Picard and Beverly receive help from an agent within the Prytt. Beverly gets her tricorder hidden in a tray of food. A map has been added to it and Picard and Beverly escape their cell.

Picard and Beverly assume the map is from the Kes when using it to escape. They pass through a maze of caverns where fireballs explode around them before climbing up a rockface to get onto the surface.

As they escape, Picard and Beverly discover the implants in their necks are allowing them to read each other’s thoughts. This means they’re in telepathic contact with each other, whether wanting to or not.

The walls of privacy are broken down between them. It was amusing at points when they did read each other’s thoughts. It was also disturbing when they can’t separate from each other as it causes nausea.

During one night, Picard and Beverly rest around a log fire where they’re still able to hear each other’s thoughts. Beverly learns for herself that Picard was once in love with her many years ago before ‘TNG’.

This was a lovely scene between the two, as Picard and Beverly’s attraction for each other is something that was hinted from the beginning of ‘TNG’. It’s nice to see that followed up in this particular episode.

Thankfully, Picard and Beverly are able to return to the Enterprise once found safely. Unfortunately, negotiations with the Kes don’t go well as they’re denied entry to the Federation because of the Prytt.

The last scene between Picard and Beverly was touching and rather sad to watch. Picard seems keen about him and Beverly exploring their feelings for each other, but Beverly isn’t so ready to do that yet.

‘Attached’ is a very touching episode to explore Picard and Beverly’s relationship in ‘TNG’. It doesn’t end up with them in a romantic position or anything, but I appreciate that it was explored in this story.

‘Attached’ (TNG) rating – 8/10

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